Why Pre-built WordPress Websites Have Become Popular

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Website designers and developers typically rely on online website builders, wireframing, outsourcing, or WordPress themes to complete their projects. Each approach quite naturally has its pros and cons.
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Website designers and developers typically rely on online website builders, wireframing, outsourcing, or WordPress themes to complete their projects. Each approach quite naturally has its pros and cons.

  • Wireframing can be time-consuming, especially for complex websites. Coding is required to complete a project.
  • The quality of online website builders can vary significantly, and using subscription-based tools of this type can sometimes be expensive.
  • Outsourcing is usually the most expensive approach; plus it places project control in the hands of others.
  • Using a WordPress theme is an excellent approach, and using one featuring pre-built websites is even better.
  • Starting a project with a pre-built website is the fastest approach of all. Wireframing and coding are not necessary, and website complexity is rarely if ever an issue.

Using a WordPress theme that features pre-built websites, as shown in the following examples, tends to be far less expensive than using an online website builder or outsourcing a project. Faster and easier means increased productivity – and greater profitability as well.

Pre-Made WordPress Website Examples













How to Edit a Be Theme Pre-Built Website with Muffin Builder 3

These five samples are just the tip of the iceberg. BeTheme offers a selection of 155 pre-built websites to work with, a majority of which feature multiple pages. The savings in the time it takes to create a working website can be tremendous.

For starters, let’s start with a single pre-built website, show you how to install it, and how to begin editing and building pages with Muffin Builder 3. It’s all in the video, and as you will see, the operation is straightforward and the action can be as fast as you choose to make it.

You can literally have a website up and running in a matter of hours instead of days. It all depends of course on how much material and how many pages are involved, but if you have the information you need close at hand, there should not be anything that will slow you down.

Once you’ve selected the pre-built website you want to work with, it takes but a single click to install it. Once that is accomplished, you can let Muffin Builder 3 and Be’s other core features perform the bulk of the website building activity. All you have to do is give directions, one click at a time; and you can always change your mind or try a variety of different things to get exactly what you want.

A Quick Overview of Be Theme

After watching the video, browsed through this quick overview of BeTheme, and seen what our customers have to say, we suggest visiting our website and viewing one or more of the free demos.


BeTheme is indeed the biggest WordPress theme ever. This is in part due to the more than 150 pre-built websites, and the 40 powerful core features that make up as complete a website-building toolkit as you’ll find anywhere. The 21,000+ copies sold also contribute to making BeTheme “the biggest”.

  • The benefits derived from any one of the 155 pre-built websites cannot be overemphasized in terms of increased productivity.
  • Select any of the 119 multi-page pre-built websites, and you can save even more time.
  • It will not be difficult to select a pre-built website to match your project’s theme or niche; and 8 new ones are added every month.
  • Once you’ve done the 1-click installation, you can immediately begin editing with the intuitive Muffin Builder 3. Don’t worry about coding – it’s not required.
  • Another premium page builder, Visual Composer, is also supported; you can use either, or use both!


  • Be’s 20 Customizable Header Styles and 6-Column Support offer a virtually limitless number of page styles and formats.
  • The Shortcode Generator with its selection of 200 shortcodes helps to speed up the building process even more.
  • There are unlimited sidebar and menu possibilities, a selection of 5 different base grids, parallax and video effects, unlimited colors, and BeTheme is responsive, SEO, RTL, and multilingual ready, and much more.

These features give you the capability to create an awesome website in a short amount of time.

Customer Testimonials Tell it All

What our customers have to say could almost be summed up in a single phrase: Peace of Mind. There is no need to worry about submitting a sub-standard product to a client. In fact, with BeTheme, the quality of your product will not only exceed client’s expectations, but the speed in which you are able to deliver it will be equally impressive.

Be’s customers are a happy lot, and we intend to keep it that way.





Customer Support is Always There

As impressive as a WordPress theme’s features may be, the quality of support offered can sometimes determine whether a user’s project will succeed or fail.

With Be, success is the only option. The following examples are indicative of the quality of support you can expect from Be’s customer support team. You aren’t just given a Yes or No answer, or referred to the FAQ page. You can expect your question or issue to be addressed at whatever level of detail is necessary for you to get on with your work.




Be Theme’s pre-built websites provide innovative, straightforward, and affordable solutions to the challenge of producing a quality website while trying to meet a stringent deadline. Their use, combined with Be Theme’s powerful core features, will enable you to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations, every time.

Hours once spent creating a website’s conceptual design, wireframing, and coding, will suddenly become hours that you can use to take on additional work. Visit our website and walk your way through our selection of pre-built websites, and you’ll see why.


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  1. Selecting a WordPress theme that fits your brand is often times the problem. Predesigned websites are great if you have access to a web developer who can also do changes is also handy.

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