Be: How Substituting Pre-Made Layouts for Wireframing Saves Time

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Wireframing is a web design mainstay, yet the wireframe design process is by its very nature a time consuming one. A wireframe is a visual guide that serves as the framework for a website’s page(s). It connects a website’s proposed information architecture and content priorities to the user interface, and it involves these steps:
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Wireframing is a web design mainstay, yet the wireframe design process is by its very nature a time consuming one. A wireframe is a visual guide that serves as the framework for a website’s page(s). It connects a website’s proposed information architecture and content priorities to the user interface, and it involves these steps:

  • Research and Conceptual Design – which can be idea-based and/or based on layouts of websites having themes similar to your proposed design.
  • Initial Sketching – which is transferred to a selected page grid to initiate the actual wireframing process.
  • Iteration – where the website’s design and functionality features are developed incrementally, with each step bringing the wireframe closer to the intended result.
  • Completion – where the wireframe is transferred to a visual layout.

Pre-made layouts allow you to skip these steps. Their use will get your project off to a quick start, and you will experience an immediate boost in productivity.



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Pre-made Layouts as Productivity Boosters

Settling on a conceptual design, sketching it, and creating a wireframe can take hours, and even days. On the other hand, a pre-made layout can be installed in less than a minute, and a layout-based web page can be created in minutes.

A fully-completed website can be delivered to a client in a fraction of the time it once took. Just as important, productivity does not come at the expense of quality. If anything, the quality of your end products when using pre-made layouts will most likely be better than ever.

Installing One of Be Theme’s 130+ Premade Layouts takes but a Click


Since they can be edited, you could select any one of Be Theme’s more than 130 pre-made layouts and get your project to a quick start. Virtually any theme or topic your website design is likely to address will be included in such a large collection, and selecting one that addresses the user experience you are seeking will be a relatively easy task. By doing so, your project will get off to an even faster start.

This video, which demonstrates the ease and speed in which you can install a layout and initiate the editing process, will show you how quickly you can create a web page – and a website. The video takes but a minute to view, and it demonstrates that once you begin editing, you will be able to do a significant about of page building in that same amount of time. It takes but a click to install the layout of your choice, and with a couple of additional clicks you will be underway.

The premade layout is more than just a conceptual design. It contains the features normally found in a wireframe and more, including color, typographic style, and graphics. All you have to do as a website designer is take advantage of these features, which is certainly much faster than having to build them in.

The bottom line is this; you have more to work with than you will usually find in even a highly detailed wireframe, and you can add, change, or delete design elements at lightning speed. If you haven’t used layouts before, you can expect your productivity to increase by leaps and bounds from the very start. You can rest assured your clients will take notice of that increase and be pleased with the fast turnaround times you will be able to commit to.

A 24/7 Customer Support Team

When you have a pre-made layout rather than a wireframe serving as the foundation for your website, and you have a set easy-to-use intuitive page building tools at your fingertips, the number of problems you are apt to encounter should be quite small.

Should you hit a bump in the road however, or have a question about a task you are trying for the first time, it’s nice to have someone readily available who can give you a prompt response. That “someone” is not a series of menus, or a long list of FAQs which may or may not be of much help. Be Theme’s support consists of user manuals, video tutorials, and a staff of dedicated problem solvers that is there for you 24/7.




Be Theme’s Core Features

Be Theme is known for its excellent selection of pre-made layouts. These layouts can certainly be considered to be one of this theme’s core features, but there are many other features that make this, the biggest of the WordPress themes, an excellent alternative to wireframing.

You have a choice of two top-of-the-line page builders; Muffin Builder and Visual Composer. Muffin Builder is often the choice of those who need a tool to help them create complex page designs, such as those found in many eCommerce websites. Visual Composer is a popular page builder that is a core feature in a number of other WordPress themes. Try them both. It’s a “can’t lose” situation.


The Muffin Options Panel makes customizing a layout a snap. When paired with the page builder, this core feature allows you to create the exact user experience you’ve envisioned without having to use a single line of code. You can systematically build page after page without fear of losing your place or performing redundant tasks; making this feature yet another time saver.

The ability to rapidly turn out page after page may be your primary reason for taking the pre-made layout approach, but you may not necessarily want them all to look as if they came off the same assembly line. The Layouts Configurator makes creating unique pages an easy task, and one not easily done by wireframing.

These, and all the other features you are ever likely to need, are discussed in detail on Be Theme’s website.




Why Be Theme Deserves a Closer Look

This is just a sampling of what Be Theme has to offer, but it should be obvious that compared to the wireframe approach to creating a website, the use of pre-made layouts brings with it significant advantages in terms of time saved, increased productivity, and higher quality end products.

The ability to create a web page in minutes rather than hours, and make any needed changes on the fly, speaks for itself. Visit the Be Theme website, browse through the 130+ layouts and core feature descriptions, and you will begin to understand why Be Theme deserves a closer look.


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