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Run a Giveaway

Giveaways are a terrific way to generate excitement in the WordPress community while attracting interest to your service or product.

We run just one giveaway each week, and we do it on Monday so that we can all start the working week with a bit of fun.

Here are some successful giveaways we have hosted recently:

To run a giveaway on WP Mayor, fill in the form below and book your spot for only $149.

Our giveaways are promoted through our website, newsletter, and social media. You will be speaking directly to the thousands of people who follow or visit WP Mayor every day, searching for WordPress-based solutions.

It also includes tweets to get our 26,000+ Twitter followers excited about your giveaway and product; typically, our tweets get retweeted throughout the WordPress community, resulting in even more exposure.

We use RafflePress to run the giveaways, and can require actions tied to each entry, such as asking the user to follow you on Twitter, visit your page on Facebook, or tweet about your giveaway, spreading the word and giving you their personal endorsement as WordPress users.

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No. We will only send you the email addresses of the winners.
We choose the winners randomly through RafflePress. Their names will be displayed on the widget in the original post. When the giveaway is over (normally in 1 week) we will send you the names and emails of the winners and you’ll have to send them their prizes.
We usually offer our readers 1 week for participating. But if you’d like to make it longer or shorter, it’s up to you. Our giveaways typically run from one Monday to another to get the most exposure during the work-week.
We don’t provide any statistic on that as it depends on your product and on how much it interests our audience. Some articles may receive hundreds of views in one day, others barely collect a dozen in 1 month. In general, we get around 4,500 page views every day on WP Mayor.
If you have specific tweets in mind related to the giveaway, we can tweet them. If not, we will come up with our own messages.
We will need the following: A short paragraph about your company/product + an image (650px width). Exact prize. Number of winners. Conditions for participation. We usually use RafflePress for our giveaways. It enables us to choose the winners randomly. In order to enter a competition readers have to follow a Twitter account, or tweet about a giveaway, or check out a Facebook page, or leave a comment etc. Please let us know which condition you prefer.
Please submit your order with all the necessary details through the form on the Product Giveaway page. As soon as you submit and pay, you will receive an automated confirmation letter from us, acknowledging the receipt of your order. We will then contact you within 3 to 5 days.

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