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The Mayor is a straight-shooter: the creators of WordPress plugins, themes and services can pay for one of our experts to write a thorough analysis of their entire offering, all the way from the manner in which it is presented through to how it performs in reality. Our experts are 100% truthful, giving you the thorough, knowledgeable perspective that your friends, family and colleague are too ill-equipped – or just plain too nice – to deliver. That outside perspective is invaluable and we have seen it improve countless products.

Publication is up to you – what we are selling is the analysis itself. If you feel that reflects well upon you, or if you feel it will draw useful attention to what you are doing, we will be happy to publish it to our massive audience here on, but we will never remove or water-down any criticism … the Mayor simply wouldn’t accept that.

You can view some examples of what our product and service reviews look like:

For us to conduct a review of your theme or plugin you naturally need to supply a copy for us to test.

To see the difference between a WP Mayor Product Analysis Service and other blogs’ paid reviews, check out the results mentioned in this post.

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Yes, all images to be used within the post content must be 850px in width. They must also be optimized to not exceed 200kb per image when possible. If these conditions are not met and there is no valid reason for the larger image sizes, we will ask you to provide new images that meet these requirements. This is done to ensure the performance of the website is not affected by slow-loading images, which would turn off certain readers and in turn hurt your experience on WP Mayor.
We allow only 2 “dofollow” links per article to your website. The rest of the links will be “nofollow” links.
It usually takes around 3-4 weeks to prepare a review. If you order a review + video, it might take more time. However, we always try to complete the review and publish it as early as we can.
We include a Newsletter Insertion in our weekly newsletter. This insertion will consist of an image and a paragraph of text + link provided by you. The image size is 630px width minimum (the height is up to you).
We treat our Product Analysis as a valuable content. We do mark them as paid reviews. Our articles normally appear on the home page after publishing and, while we publish new posts, your review will move to the second page and therefore won’t be visible on the home page. We do not delete reviews that we publish.
Our review can be negative, if your product is of a bad quality. Our aim is to provide you with an honest feedback and help you to improve your product. Promotion of your product is a secondary goal. If you’d like to improve your WordPress product, just give us an opportunity to deliver you its honest and professional review. If, however, you prefer not to publish the review, because you think it’s a bit negative, you will have a possibility to refuse publishing. Note: we don’t give you money back if you didn’t like the review.
Please upload all the details that we might need in order to review your product properly. If you have a premium product, we will need you to send it to us with all the license keys or any other necessary details. If you’d like us to pay attention to a certain point of your product, let us know about it.
Please submit your order through the form on the Product Analysis page. As soon as you submit and pay, you will receive an automated confirmation letter from us, acknowledging the receipt of your order. We will then contact you within the maximum of 48 hours.

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