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Researched and tested by Lindsay Liedke
Researched and tested by Lindsay Liedke
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

Everyone vies for a spot on Google’s first page in hopes that their website will be a standout amongst even the toughest competition. That’s why so many people look to website designers to create one-of-kind projects for their brand.

If you have ever worked with a client designing any part of their WordPress website, you know that feedback is essential for client satisfaction and ultimately, client retention. You are probably also aware that receiving quality feedback is not always easy.

That’s why the team at Themewich created ProjectHuddle.

ProjectHuddle WordPress Plugin

This premium WordPress plugin was designed to give you an easy way to get client feedback and project approval, directly on top of your working projects. It brings a professional flair to getting quick, visual opinions on things such as UI mockups, photography, logo and print designs, and advertisements, so that your client is not only satisfied with the finished product, but comes back for more.

What is ProjectHuddle?

With ProjectHuddle you no longer have to wait until you have completed a project to know what your clients think of the work you have done. In fact, by using this plugin you can now manage an unlimited amount of projects and receive feedback on all of them at any time during the design process.

In essence, this plugin is twofold: it gives you the opportunity to design and create mockup projects for your clients AND gives clients the opportunity to comment on those mockup projects and approve them when satisfied.

Through the use of customized login and password pages, clients can access projects you are working on and leave comment feedback directly on the project.

Sounds confusing?

Take a look below and I guarantee you will totally understand.

ProjectHuddle - Commenting Example

This plugin is built using the Backbone.js framework making it easily customizable and modular. It has a rebrandable built-in interface so knowing code is not a requirement. However, it does come with WordPress and JS hooks making it easily extendable into other applications. Better yet, ProjectHuddle comes with a child template system for editing and integration into other projects.

ProjectHuddle is a completely private label hosted directly in your WordPress website so you never have to deal with complicated configurations or sacrifice privacy to a third-party. It also works solely in the background of your website making you looking professional to any client you work with and invisible to visitors of your website.

Now that we have a general idea of what ProjectHuddle is all about, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

ProjectHuddle Setup

Installing and activating ProjectHuddle works like any other WordPress plugin you have installed on your website. Simply download the ProjectHuddle .zip plugin file after making your purchase, click Plugins > Add New in your WordPress dashboard, and upload the file from your computer. Then click Install Now and Activate. You are now ready to use the plugin via the new menu item labeled ProjectHuddle appearing in your WordPress dashboard.

ProjectHuddle - Menu Items

ProjectHuddle only has 3 menu items to choose from when it comes to actively using the plugin: All Projects, Add New, and Settings.

All Projects

This section displays all projects you are currently working on or that may have been previously published and are listed according to project title. It is worth noting that whatever you choose to title your project will be seen on the front-end by the client(s) leaving feedback.

ProjectHuddle - All Projects


Here you can customize projects to match your own brand. Click the Customize option to add logos to places such as your Login Form making you appear more professional to clients when they login ready to leave you feedback.

ProjectHuddle - Settings (Customize Logos)

You can also change button and text colors, or add a default background color.

ProjectHuddle - Settings (Color Customization)

Also located under Settings are options to have emails sent to site admins, a place to enter product keys for updates, and an advanced area for restoring previously deleted images and comments.

Using ProjectHuddle

The last menu item to explore is the Add New option. This is where one side of ProjectHuddle gets a lot of activity. To start a new project all you have to do is click ProjectHuddle > Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

ProjectHuddle - Add New Project

After entering a title for your project you can start downloading images. These images are uploaded in the same way you add images to your WordPress blog posts. You will have access to your Media Library as well as the ability to upload any new images. There is no limit on how many images you can upload to each project, and thanks to the drag & drop builder, changing the image order is very simple.

ProjectHuddle - Adding Images

Once your image is uploaded you will notice a small gear in the bottom right hand corner. Hovering over this will give you the choice to trash the image or change the display options. Clicking on Display Options brings up a new set of image settings. These settings include the image’s alignment, size behavior, background color, background image URL, and background image position.

ProjectHuddle - Image Settings

Lastly, if you scroll to the bottom of your project’s page you will notice an additional set of options for adjusting your project’s settings. Here you configure how you would like your clients to access projects, update email notifications, give users the ability to download images, and enable the Approval Button.

ProjectHuddle - Additional Settings

Client Involvement

While understanding how you might use ProjectHuddle on projects for clients is important, it is also worth mentioning the cool things your clients can do on their end. After all, this plugin is twofold.

  • Access projects leaving constructive feedback on the exact areas needing change.
  • Multiple image scrolling for comparisons.
  • Ability to share projects with others and/or invite people to join comment threads.
  • One-click image approvals (Pro Version only).

Documentation and Support

Themewich is known for providing great support (check it out – nearly a 5 star rating!). They deliver regular updates directly to your WordPress dashboard and are often adding cool new features. They also provide easy to understand and detailed documentation (despite being convinced ProjectHuddle is “insanely easy to use”). This includes a Getting Started Guide, a FAQ section, and an Advanced section.

In addition, if you are a someone who regularly has help from web designers in the branding of your company, I suggest taking a look at the extensive information available in the documentation.  Themewich does an awesome job outlining all the things you can do as a client to help create the perfect project in collaboration with your designer.


The creators of ProjectHuddle don’t want you to feel stuck with a monthly subscription service that you have no control over. That’s why they offer this premium plugin at a “Pay once, it’s yours forever” price, with the ability to upgrade at any time should you purchase the Lite Version for $59. The Pro Version comes in at $89 and includes instant image approvals and image versions.

ProjectHuddle - Pricing

Conclusions and Recommendations

For those of you who work with multiple clients at a time on projects needing constant change and ultimately client approval, ProjectHuddle is definitely worth trying. It’s easy to use and provide an excellent solution to the frustration that comes with getting a client’s project just right.

My favorite part was being able to see just how clients could leave comments on projects where feedback was required. Whether it’s an approval of something well done, or a request for change, it really makes editing projects smoother and easier to handle.

In the end, you know that your existing clients are better than the ones you have yet to take on. You also know that it is not just enough to keep clients happy; you must truly impress them. With ProjectHuddle’s professional setup and ease of use, paired with your display of control over the entire project, you are bound to retain clientele like never before. Don’t believe me? Check out the demo and decide for yourself!

This review was filed in our archives.
Tested and reviewed by Lindsay Liedke
Lindsay is a freelance writer who loves all things WordPress. When she is not writing she can be found spending family time with her son and two silly nephews.

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