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Versioning When Developing WordPress Plugins

I’ve made it a habit to use versioning while developing WordPress plugins, it helps keep everything organised and safe.

You of course also need to use version control when uploading plugins to the repository. Here are the two main applications I’m using. One of them is for Git, which I

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A Collection of ‘Role Model’ Plugins

Lately as I delve deeper into plugin development, I’ve been keeping a WordPress installation where I have a few of the most exemplary plugins installed and activated. That way, when I have some doubt about user interface, or how to perform a particular piece of functionality, I can always refer

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The 10 Best WordPress Blogs to Follow (And Why)

As we start another year which promises to be very exciting for the WordPress community, here are the top 10 blogs to watch out for. Whether you are just starting out in WordPress or are an experience developer, these resources should be in your feed reader. We also hope you

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