WordPress Cyber Monday Deals 2021!



Free Resources for WordPress and Web Professionals

Here we have a new collection with 25 freebies just for you. They conform a fantastic set of tools that will help you with your next WordPress blog entry or web development endeavor. You will find elements going from massive icon sets to useful jQuery plugins, UI kits, interesting articles on blogging and design and much more, so make sure you take anything you need or like.

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A Selection of WordPress Themes to Focus on Content

Hi buddies! Once more here we come bringing with us a new list of themes for our monthly series. In a faster way than one can think of, the web is evolving onto a more clean, minimal, focused on content place. Strange color combinations are not something common anymore; now the dominant color is white while other colors play secondary roles.

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How to Use AJAX in WordPress Plugins

If you’re creating plugins for WordPress, chances are you’ll need to use AJAX at some point. Today I want to share with you some of the best resources I’ve found while I was learning how to use AJAX in plugins myself. Hope you find them useful.

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Versioning When Developing WordPress Plugins

I’ve made it a habit to use versioning while developing WordPress plugins, it helps keep everything organised and safe.

You of course also need to use version control when uploading plugins to the repository. Here are the two main applications I’m using. One of them is for Git, which I use locally on my Mac, and the other is for Subversion, which I use to upload plugins to the repository.

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A Collection of ‘Role Model’ Plugins

Lately as I delve deeper into plugin development, I’ve been keeping a WordPress installation where I have a few of the most exemplary plugins installed and activated. That way, when I have some doubt about user interface, or how to perform a particular piece of functionality, I can always refer to one of these plugins.

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