Reviewing Toivo – Giving Hope To Beautiful, Yet Simple Themes

If you're hoping to set up a serious site, either as your own blog or for a business, you should definitely consider a premium theme. One beautiful, yet simple example of this is Toivo, which in itself translates to the word "Hope".
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Finding your ideal WordPress theme can be a tricky job when you consider the vast amount of themes available today.

There are those WordPress users out there who opt for a free theme simply based on how it looks and the fact that they don’t need to fork out any money for it, however this can often prove more costly due to breakages and a lack of support.

So if you’re hoping to set up a serious site, either as your own blog or for a business, you should definitely consider a premium theme. One beautiful, yet simple example of this is Toivo, which in itself translates to the word “Hope”.

Toivo‘s Main Features

Toivo is aimed at being a simple theme, so you won’t find all the added features such as in-built sliders and incorporated plugins that come with some of the newer themes. It’s a simple, accessiblity-ready theme.

What it does offer is a powerful front-page template along with a child-page template. The front-page template allows you to add callout text and links at the top or bottom of the page, together with a possible callout image at the bottom of the page.


Using the Customizer you’re given the options of adding a background header image and a background image in the footer sidebar, both of which you can set the colour and opacity for. The default layout is that of a one column setup, however this can also be changed to a two column layout, with the content either on the left or right hand side, simply based on preference.

Toivo also offers three menu options; a top menu, a social menu for your social media links, as well as primary menu – all of which support menu item descriptions.

Besides all that, Toivo also supports right-to-left languages and microdata, while also offering additional featured through the use of the Jetpack plugin. These additional featured include the abilities to upload your own logo, to show your testimonials, to show your portfolios, and to add infinite scroll to your blog.

It’s also import to note that the Toivo theme only works with WordPress 4.1+.

Setting Up Toivo

You can install and activate Toivo like any other theme from the Appearance section in your WordPress dashboard. Once installed and activated you’ll notice a new setting under Appearance called Theme License. This is where you’ll enter your license key if you’ve got the premium version of Toivo.

Once you head to the Customizer you’ll be able to get started modifying the theme to your needs. First up you’ve got the Theme Settings. From here you can decide the overall look of your site by choosing the global layout, the front-page settings such as the top and bottom callouts and featured content, the background settings where you can change the header background colour and opacity, and lastly the footer settings where you can add the footer text or hide it.


You’ve then got the normal settings that come with most themes. You can change the site title and tagline, the header text and background colours, and even the header image. This image will also take on the settings set earlier in the Theme Setttings for colour and opacity, so if set to blue and an opacity of 20%, the image chosen will have a blueish hue, as seen in the screenshot below.

Next up is the background image that will appear beneath the main menu, and this also has a few of its own settings such as the repeat, position and attachment options to choose whether to keep the image fixed or have it scroll.

Lastly you can set the navigation options for your menus, the widgets of your choice for the footer or Front Page template, and whether to display a static page or your latest posts on the front page of your site.


Last but not least, when adding or editing a page on your site you’ve got the option of setting its template, be it as the Front Page, Child Page, default template or you even have the option of making that page in particular have no sidebar. You’ll also see a Header Callout Text metabox where you can replace the header text with this callout text and description of your choice.

Toivo In Action

Below is my video review for Toivo showing you what it’s like to use, and what it actually looks like on the front-end.

To get a better idea of what you can create using Toivo, have a look at this site from Reinar Svendsen. In it you’ll be able to see all the menu options Toivo offers, the page templates, layouts and more, all on a real, live site.

Documentation & Support

The documentation for Toivo includes enough information to help you get set up, from the front-page to the settings in the customizer and more. If you’re using the free version and you require some premium support that’s also possible. You can purchase three levels of support, ranging from a 6-month period to a 2-year period.

Support for the premium version of the theme depends on which license you purchase, as you can see below in the Pricing section. You can find additional information about the theme and try it out for yourself on the Toivo Demo site.


As mentioned above, Toivo also has a lite version available in the WordPress theme repository. This is ideal to test out the theme before purchasing, however it is limited in the features on offer, as you’d expect.

If you decide to opt for the premium version of this theme from Foxland you have three license options:

  • Basic is a single-site license that includes 6 months of support, priced at €69.
  • Standard is a license for 2-4 sites with support for 12 months, priced at €79.
  • Developer is an unlimited license for infinite sites and includes 2 years of support, priced at €169.

Conclusions & Recommendations

Toivo is a great choice for anyone looking to create a simple WordPress site for their personal blog, their business or anything of the sort.

Its simplicity makes the creation process fast and painless, while its overall beauty makes the final product look very professional and sleek.

So, if you’re looking for a premium WordPress theme that covers these criteria while also offering good documentation and premium support to help you to solve any issues you might come across or questions you may have, you should at least give Toivo a try for free.

Get Toivo here!

Mark Zahra
Mark Zahra
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