Robojob a Premium WordPress Job Theme, Powered by WP Job Manager

Researched and tested by Utsav Singh Rathour
Researched and tested by Utsav Singh Rathour
This article was researched and written by our experts using our in-depth Analysis Methodology.

Robojob is a premium WordPress Job theme from Code Themes, powered by WP Job Manager Plugin. Running a job site or a listing site becomes a lot easier with Robojob. It is a WP Job Manager plugin powered WordPress theme, that lets you run a niche focused job site or a large job site or may be a listing site. The setup is breeze and with a very powerful customizer section, you can customize the site to suit your needs.

Powered by WP Job Manager and it’s extensions


Since this is powered by an actively maintained WP Job Manager Plugin that is now managed by Automattic themselves; there are a lot of extensions available, which mean a lot of possibilities. You can create paid job listings or free job listings. You can let your users create job listings from front-end and also let users apply to jobs. The resume manager plugin worth $39 that comes free with the theme, lets your users manage resume on the front-end.

It is hence compatible with its add-ons like WP Job Manager Companies, WP Resume Manager, Job colors, WP Job Manager Contact Listing and every other extensions that is available out there.

Highly Customizable


The theme comes with 3 different types of header options. You can choose from either Google Maps, Banner Image or Slider. What this means is you get a lot of flexibility in choosing the best option to create a site that meets your needs. You can choose between the 3 headers not only on the homepage but also on inner pages based on the template. Show off listings based on an area or a slider that promotes CTA. Powerful filters let you search jobs, based on location, categories and keywords.

The theme also offers unlimited color schemes, through which you can choose a base color based on your company’s branding. Style the Call out buttons and a lot of widgets to help you get that awesome listing site.

Powerful Shortcodes


It comes with custom built shortcodes that lets you add job listings, testimonials, resumes and lot more. You can create a different homepage design altogether with the help of the shortcodes and page templates that is available with the theme. It is built with speed in mind.

Create unique homepage or other landing pages, based on the Shortcodes and they will load up fast. You have the option to choose the column width, the listing types, the filters and not only that, you can show your latest clients, stats and even add CTA buttons using shortcode that comes packed with the theme. Also you can easily switch layouts between list and grid view when and where required. Not only this, Robojob comes with a powerful customizer option hence making changes to the site is easy and fast.



One thing often missed out in themes, is it’s performance. If a theme is slow it impacts the overall performance of your site hence losing credibility and prospective clients. This theme however has all of those things taken care of and hence it makes too less impact on your site’s performance. You can be assured of better performance and faster loading sites with Robojob.


  • Powerful Customizer
  • Powered by WP Job Manager
  • Supports WooCommerce
  • Free Resume Manager plugin worth $39
  • Powerful Shortcodes through TinyMCE editor
  • Custom Widgets
  • Multiple Sidebars
  • Compatible with WP Job Manager add-ons
  • 3 Banner types
  • Supports Google Maps
  • Multiple Page templates
  • Supports child Themes
  • Translatable
  • Frequently Updated since it is managed by a dedicated team.
  • Shortcodes for CTA, Stats, Job and Resume Listings.
  • List and Grid view of listings.
  • Can be used for job or other listing sites.
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Tested and reviewed by Utsav Singh Rathour
I like to call myself a WordPress Enthusiast. I am a WordPress Consultant and blog at Code Pixelz. Buzz me and we could discuss WordPress and how we can make your next website what it should be. You can find details about me at my personal website.

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