Already have a fast website that your visitors love? That’s all well and good, but it’s only valuable if it’s up and running! Your website’s security is not to be taken lightly, which is why we’re constantly learning from experts in various fields to bring you the best advice on how to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

Adding SSL To Your Store

3 Other Reasons Why You Should Use SSL On Your WooCommerce Store

We all know that adding SSL to your store makes it more secure for your customers to conduct transactions. In fact, many payment processors actually require that you have SSL installed on your hosting.

Often people just apply SSL to their cart and checkout pages, and although that satisfies the immediate issue of securing your checkout, it means you’re missing out on tons of other benefits when you add SSL sitewide.

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BlogVault Plugin

BlogVault Review: Website Backups, Site Migrations, and Security Measures All in One

Can you imagine if your entire WordPress website were to suddenly crash and fail, taking all of your hard work – posts, pages, and custom designs – with it?

Me either.

Sometimes installing a new plugin or theme can cause your site to crash. Other times, a website hacker may break into your database and create a lot of design and functionality issues for your website. That’s why always having a recent backup of your entire WordPress website is so crucial to the recovery of lost data.

Today, we are going to discuss how the powerful BlogVault plugin not only backups your website, but how it keeps your website safe and secure as well.

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How to Conduct an eCommerce WordPress Website Audit Like a Jedi

Many people who sell online say that the main tool that keeps their sites relevant is the audit. They’re right because it identifies issues with the website and offers ways to resolve them. By issues, I don’t mean only technical errors but also sales opportunities!

In other words, a website audit is huge in eCommerce. Especially if the store has been running for some time. Security threats, slow loading pages, and poor SEO performance are more likely to appear as the site becomes older.

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Hide My WP - Hiding WordPress Plugin

Hiding WordPress to Avoid Attack: An Extra Layer of Site Security with Hide My WP

With large scale cyber attacks happening more often than anyone would like to admit, you might think to yourself that the chances your small WordPress website will be hacked are slim to none. After all, who would hack your website when there are so many bigger and better sites to attack?

Using WordPress as your content management system already puts you one step ahead of the rest of the online world as far as security is concerned. However, that does not make your website immune to hackers.

Today I am going to share with you why securing your WordPress website is so important and how using a security tool called Hide My WP to well…hide WordPress…can be used to help secure your website from unwanted intrusions and hacks.

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Anti-Spam by CleanTalk: A Look at the SpamFireWall

CleanTalk has released some new features since WPMayor’s original review. One particularly interesting feature is the SpamFireWall. For this review I took SpamFireWall for a spin. Here are my thoughts on using it and the benefits it can offer.

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SiteGround - Managed WordPress Hosting

Siteground’s Security, Support, and Speed Are All You Need in a Hosting Provider

Though many companies claim to be the top dog when it comes to providing security, support, and speed to its customers, the truth is many fail to make good on their promises. And for the unknowing WordPress site owner, this can result in wasted time and money, let alone frustration.

Today we will look at SiteGround, one of the leaders in WordPress hosting, to see what services they provide website owners and ways they do make good on all of their hosting service promises.

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McAfee Secure is a Glorious Way to Sell More Stuff Online

You have an online store. You want to sell more on it. (If you don’t have an online store, or if, for some reason, you want to sell less, this isn’t the post you’re looking for. Move along, please.) There are two main ways to do this: get more traffic, or increase your conversion rate (i.e. sell to more of the people who are already coming to your site).

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