Already have a fast website that your visitors love? That’s all well and good, but it’s only valuable if it’s up and running! Your website’s security is not to be taken lightly, which is why we’re constantly learning from experts in various fields to bring you the best advice on how to keep your WordPress site safe and secure.

The security of YOUR WordPress is YOUR responsibility!

Most probably from time to time you felt the need, or tried to secure your WordPress installation. You feel such urge because one of your websites got hacked, or a fellow blogger’s WordPress got hacked and infected with malware. Maybe you have heard the marketing mantra “If your WordPress website or blog is your main source of income, keep it secure and malware free to succeed in the online world!”. It might be a marketing mantra and scaremongering from security companies, but it is the truth!

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8 Things You Must Know about WP Engine’s Security

As you might have noticed, WP Mayor is hosted on what we consider to be the best WordPress hosting solution, WP Engine.

We’ve made the switch to WP Engine earlier on in 2012, and we have noticed a distinct improvement in our site. It’s been faster, our rankings have improved, and we no longer have to worry too much about hosting related stuff, as it’s all managed by the fantastic guys at WP Engine.

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Top 5 Mistakes for your WordPress Website Security

Website security has become a major subject nowadays, as the web is fast becoming the preferred way for attackers to spread malware, steal credit card details or carry out other illegal activities. Due to the wide variety of open source tools and Content Management System (CMS) software available, more and more websites and blogs are being easily created every day.

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