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Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Customer Engagement Excellence Using Modern Tech

This review was performed as part of a paid product analysis using our in-depth Analysis Methodology, which includes manually testing the product. Here’s why you can trust our methods and verdict.

The Sendbird AI Chatbot is a versatile way to improve your customer engagement and interactions for your WordPress website. Its usability, focus on AI and LLM integrations, and fast setup makes it a strong contender if you want to use a modern chatbot to assist your users.

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If you are always on the hunt to find new ways to improve your customer interactions, we have a potential winning tool for you. Our Sendbird AI Chatbot review will show how this no-code platform can help you build custom conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots for your site. It includes ways to connect through multiple channels, a full-featured chatbot and workflow builder, an integration with WordPress, and much more.

As such, this post is going to give you a full Sendbird AI Chatbot review. Throughout, we’ll look at the features and functionality on offer, how to use the tool, and even what current users have to say about the tool.

What Sendbird AI Chatbot Is

The Sendbird AI Chatbot is a fantastic way to connect better with your site’s potential customers. It gives you a no-code drag-and-drop builder to help you create conversational chatbots across different channels.

The Sendbird logo.

While the quality of chatbots have been rising over the past few years, using AI or a Large Language Model (LLM) such as Claude or ChatGPT can give the output extra quality. Sendbird integrates LLMs into its offering, and it means you can provide detailed shopping assistance, better lead generation, and a more personalized customer service.

Sendbird’s Core Feature Set

At its core, Sendbird is an on-site chatbot that uses AI to converse with your users. However, unlike most solutions that laud its AI functionality, Sendbird goes the extra mile. It includes a number of different LLMs to choose from including two Claude 3 models, ChatGPT-3.5 and GPT-4 Omni, Meta’s Llama 2, Google’s Gemini, Upstage’s SOLAR, and more.

This means you can harness the complex algorithms of almost all of the leading LLMs for your specific purpose, as some excel at different tasks. Of course, this also means you can integrate Sendbird into whichever part of your site you need to provide a consistent User Experience (UX).

Here’s what else Sendbird provides with its chatbot:

  • A five-step process to create an AI chatbot that you can set up within minutes.
  • Customization options to create visuals that match your site’s style and look.
  • An analytics section that offers insights into bot activity and messages, user feedback, performance highlights, message credit usage, and more.
  • Integration with your existing tools to ensure the most efficient system across your site’s channels.

These features also bring about lots of positives. In the next section, we’ll walk through a few of them.

The Benefits of Using Sendbird AI Chatbot

There are plenty of benefits for choosing to use a chatbot in the first place, but Sendbird in particular brings much more to the table. The ultimate focus is to design custom AI chatbots and workflows that fit the needs of your users too, and this gives you a lot of benefits.

The main positive of Sendbird is the LLM integration. Using one of the five options can offer lots of plus points for customer service applications:

  • Personalization. You’ll be able to pull a history of interactions, find relevant information, and more in a snap.
  • Efficiency. Most of the questions should be a breeze for the integrated LLM, which will make your chatbot quick and efficient. This gives you greater focus for business-critical areas.
  • Accuracy. You have the option to upload your documentation as training data, which turns Sendbot into a custom GPT. This way you can ensure that customers get the right responses even when the back end changes.
  • Scalability. Sendbird uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud provider to serve millions of monthly active users and billions of messages per month. This lets you boost resources when you need them, and scale back when you don’t.

In combination, these four benefits will take your customer service experience and send it into the stratosphere. The net positive for you could be greater satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and more income.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: How to Set Up the Tool and Integrate It With WordPress

There are two parts when it comes to setting up and integrating Sendbird’s AI chatbot. We’ll cover both here. First up is the installation process. From there, we’ll look at how to connect your chat window to WordPress.

Installing the AI Chatbot

There are a few steps you need to take before you begin to set up a chatbot. First, there’s the signup process, which requires you to create a Sendbird account, then create an application. Here, you’ll need to enter an application name, the type of product it will be, and an associated region:

Once you click the Create button, you can begin to build your chatbot. This will require some information, such as the name of your bot, a welcome message, and a suggested reply placeholder:

Setting up a new application on the Sendbird Basic Information screen.

When it comes to the AI engine you choose, we’d suggest you stick with one of the more conversational options, such as Claude. Regardless, once you click the Next button, you can add a knowledge base. This is the way you ‘train’ the LLM model on your site’s relevant details, and can be either a URL or file:

Adding knowledge files to your bot's training corpus in Sendbird.

From here, you can begin to customize your chat widget using the basic options:

Customizing the chatbot within Sendbird's onboarding wizard.

At this point, you can begin to test the chatbot out. We’d recommend questions you’ll know the answer to, based on the information within the knowledge base:

Previewing the AI chatbot within Sendbird.

Once you’re happy with how your chatbot runs, it’s time to integrate it with WordPress.

Integrating Sendbird AI Chatbot With Your WordPress Website

To add your chatbot to your site, you can check out one of the guides from the Add to my website drop-down menu within Sendbird:

Choosing a method of adding the Sendbird AI chatbot to a website.

However, the typical approach for WordPress is to install and activate the official plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

The header image for the Sendbird plugin on

Within WordPress, head to the Plugins > Sendbird AI chatbot screen, and enter your Application ID and Bot ID in the designated fields

The Sendbird WordPress plugin screen showing fields to connect your chatbot.

Once you complete this, click the Save button and the chatbot will be active on your website:

A chatbot live on a WordPress website.

While this is a straightforward setup guide, there’s plenty more you can achieve with Sendbird’s AI chatbot. We recommend reading the documentation and utilizing the Help Center to find out more. We’ll give this more focus later on.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Pricing

Sendbird offers a few other tools and services than its AI chatbot. As such, each has individual pricing as well as bundled options. We’ll cover only the chatbot pricing here.

The Sendbird AI chatbot pricing page.

The Free Trial plan gives you 1,000 message credits, along with a 30-day trial of the highest tier (more of which shortly). This is great to see, as it’s a trial without risk and lets you test the functionality before you buy.

Once you’re ready to spend, the Starter plan could be for you. It’s $99 per month and includes 10,000 message credits. This tier supports up to ten AI chatbots, 25 knowledge bases, and one response workflow per app. We think this plan is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, and is the one we’d choose for most typical WordPress websites.

For more resources across the board, you’ll want to consider the Pro plan at $499 per month. This gives you 50,000 message credits, 25 chatbots, 50 knowledge bases, and 10 response workflows per app. It’s a big jump in price from the Starter plan, but could be perfect if you need those expanded limits and functionality.

If you have advanced needs and a budget to match, the Enterprise plan provides custom solutions based on large-scale requirements. The cost will scale to match, which means it will only be suitable for the biggest of sites.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Review: Support

Sendbird’s AI Chatbot has a detailed documentation, a community of experts, and dedicated support for premium customers. While there’s a dedicated contact page, you may find the support you need within the Help Center.

The Sendbird Help Center screen.

You have a range of resources here to assist you. The FAQ gives you rapid-fire answers to common questions, while the Documentation section takes a deeper dive into what the Sendbird AI chatbot can do. We also like the Community option connects you to both other users and a team of on-hand experts:

The Community forum for Sendbird's product lines.

There’s also excellent documentation for developers too, along with separate plans if you need a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or further dedicated support.

Sendbird AI Chatbot Reviews From Real Users

The Sendbird information panel on the G2 website.

Sendbird has a 4.5 out of five star rating on G2, which means other users can vouch for the quality mention in this post. This comes in the form of general platitudes about the AI chatbot…

…The new AI Chatbot feature is exciting, and the dashboard makes it easy to use and understand.the new AI Chatbot feature is exciting…

Tucker L.

As a bootstrapped startup with a small team, Sendbird has allowed us to add a best-in-class community experience to our product with the flick of a switch. Our chat feature has become one of our user’s favorite parts of the app, and has greatly improved our retention.

Jon P.

However, some users have noted issues around bugs in the Software Development Kit (SDK) from time to time. In our research, Sendbird works great overall and it’s nice to see the support team be proactive with jumping onto any (rare) problems that arise.

Transform Your Customer Interactions with Sendbird AI Chatbot

After diving into the Sendbird AI Chatbot, it’s clear that this platform is a great solution if you want to elevate your customer interactions. It’s especially excellent for small to medium WordPress websites, given the feature set and flexibility on offer.

There’s a straightforward setup process, and a choice of LLM models to cover most bases. You even get support provisions through online documentation, access to a user community, and a separate support team. On the whole, this is one solution where using AI provides real and tangible benefits.

Do you agree with our Sendbird AI chatbot review? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

The Sendbird AI chatbot logo.
Starting at $99

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  2. Sendbird AI Chatbot sets a new benchmark in customer engagement, seamlessly blending modern technology with intuitive AI. Its ability to personalize interactions and provide real-time support elevates customer satisfaction to new heights. A game-changer in fostering meaningful connections between businesses and their audience

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