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Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the methods and techniques used to help a website rank better in search engine results pages, otherwise known as SERPs. As a blog ourselves, we know all about the importance of SEO, so browse our archives below to expand your knowledge.


SiteCondor SEO WordPress Plugin Review

As a webmaster you know how important it is to keep your site healthy. There are many issues to worry about – broken links, missing images/titles/headings, unnecessary redirects, poorly structured URLs, server errors – just to name a few. These not only effect your overall user experience and conversion rates, but also your search engine rankings and hence the organic traffic volume you receive.

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Best SEO Tools for WordPress Site Owners

SEO is an important topic for every WordPress website owner, and there are countless tools and resources that you can use to improve your site’s rankings and exposure. Here are some of the best I’ve come across.

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Link Building: Is it a Good Tool for Increasing Pagerank?

The web has grown exponentially since past few years and has become the best source for information where everyone depends more on the search engines to find different things. Considering this fact, it has become extremely vital for the sites and blogs to be ranked higher in different search results…

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Plugin Review: Video SEO for WordPress SEO

There seems to be a lot of interest lately in rich media snippets, otherwise known as microdata or microformats.

The plugin under review today makes use of this type of data to give us better results in our SEO marketing efforts.

Read on to see how Video SEO for WordPress SEO can improve click throughs from SERPs.

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SEO: How To Promote Your Blog – 12 Simple Steps

Do you have a great blog with useful content, but are striving to make more people aware of it? Are you looking for simple ways to make your blog posts more popular? Luckily for you, Divvy HQ have created a helpful 12-step “Blog Post Promotion Checklist” you can follow for each blog post you write. With these simple steps you you will know how to promote your blog post.

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SEO tips for bloggers

You have a new blog where you share your ideas, life and/or advice, and of course you want people who are interested in the topic to find it, start following it, share your ideas and comment on your posts. The problem is, where are the readers? How should people find your blog?

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