Web3, NFTs and WordPress with Web3 WP

In this episode, Gaby and Jean Galea talk to Aaron Edwards and Joshua Dailey, co-founders of Infinite Uploads and WordPress contributors, about Web3, NFTs, and WordPress with Web3 WP. Aaron and Joshua have spent more than 20 years developing and maintaining enterprise WordPress sites. Also, they launched the first (and only) WordPress NFT.

Selling Digital Products with Lemon Squeezy

In this episode, Gaby Galea talks to Jason Schuller and JR Farr, two of the four co-founders of Lemon Squeezy, a plugin that helps simplify the selling of digital products. Lemon Squeezy fits under the Make Lemonade product portfolio and the digital maker crew hopes to continually launch and build new products together.  

General People Operations with Kyle Maurer

General People Operations with Kyle Maurer

In this episode, Gaby Galea and Mark Zahra talk to Kyle Maurer, Director of Operations at Sandhills Development (recently acquired by Awesome Motive), about general people operations, career progression frameworks, the best way to handle compensation, and organization hierarchy.

Write Newsletters Where You Blog with Newsletter Glue

Newsletter Glue

In this episode, Gaby Galea talks to Lesley Sim, co-founder of Newsletter Glue, a WordPress plugin that helps users send newsletters from within their WordPress dashboard. They discuss what Newsletter Glue has to offer and the business side of starting a WordPress plugin and marketing it.  

Optimizing Your WordPress Site with WP Speed Fix

Podcast - WP Speed Fix

Do you need help with your website’s speed? Is it too slow? Configured wrong? Is your cheap hosting not good enough? Do you just want it to go from slow to fast or just fast enough? Speed is only one thing to solve. In this episode, Jean and Gaby Galea talk to Brendan Tully about optimizing WordPress site speed with WP Speed Fix.

Making Your WordPress Site Multilingual with Weglot

Podcast - Weglot

Do you have customers in different countries or that use different languages? If you want to translate your website and go multilingual, you should consider using the Weglot plugin. It makes WordPress sites available in multiple languages in a matter of minutes.