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Every published post also gets shared with our 30,000+ followers on social media.

We will look in-depth at your product and analyze every aspect of the user journey.
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We publish 6 posts each on Twitter & Facebook, announcing and sharing the two articles.
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Our team also develops WordPress plugins, so we understand what it takes to write content that converts. Every review we write is aimed at giving our readers the information they need to make an informed decision and invest in your product without having any doubts in their minds.

We have done this for some of the biggest brands in WordPress as well as new products that are looking to increase their exposure. Whichever one you are, we’re here to help you grow


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Frequently asked questions

We promise to deliver long-term value, not a quick fix.

The Mayor is a straight-shooter: many creators of WordPress plugins, themes and services trust in our team of experts to write a thorough analysis of their entire offering, all the way from the manner in which it is presented through to how it performs in reality and how much it will cost the reader.

Our experts are 100% truthful, giving you the thorough and knowledgeable perspective that your friends, family and colleagues are too ill-equipped – or just plain too nice – to deliver. That outside perspective is invaluable and we have seen it improve countless products over the years.

Publication is up to you – what we are selling is the analysis itself. If you feel that reflects well upon you or you feel it will draw useful attention to what you are doing, we will be happy to publish it as a full review to our massive audience here on, but we will never remove or water-down any criticism – the Mayor simply wouldn’t accept that. 

Here are some examples of our published reviews:

Please note that UTM parameters in links will not be accepted.

The additional article could be a feature tutorial, use-case tutorial, or comparison post that mentions your product or service. It will not be solely a promotional piece but will be focused on providing additional value to our readers by sharing more information about all or part of your product/service.

Typically, tutorials and comparison posts will get you the most return as readers look to learn more about your product and compare it with its competitors. That being said, the actual style and topic of this article is up for discussion.

Our reviews are honest and unbiased. The services we provided are aimed at promoting your product, but we don’t do that at the expense of our reputation.

If we find a bug or an issue with your product, it will be shared with you before we publish the post publicly. Once the first draft is completed and approved by our team, we will share a full preview with you. At this stage, you may point out any irregularities, make suggestions, or choose to address any issues brought up before the post is published on our blog.

However, keep in mind that we will not omit or lie about any issues that remain present within your product at the time of publishing. In such a case, you may choose to not have your review published (yet, or ever), but we will not refund you for the work that has already been done.

We’re not here to make a quick buck off you, so if your product appears to be lacking in some key areas before we even begin to review it, we will let you know ahead of time.

WP Mayor has a growing subscriber list of 5,000+ people looking for WordPress solutions. Our open-rate varies from 15% to 40%, depending on the topics being discussed.

We recently cleaned out our email list, so although the numbers may not appear to be large, those receiving our emails are primed and ready to find the best solutions for their problems.

Upon publishing a written review and article to our blog, we automatically share them both on our Facebook page (3,000+ followers) and Twitter profile (27,000+ followers). Both the Facebook post and the Tweet will include a link back to the posts on our website and a featured image that features your logo.

As part of the “Bloom” package, we will follow up these two social media posts with 4 more on each platform – so that’s four more on Facebook and four more on Twitter. The content of these posts can be suggested by yourself or put together by our team based on the results from the review.

Here are our social media accounts:

Our Coupons page lists exclusive offers for some of the best WordPress products and services around. It attracts the attention of all site visitors, including the price-sensitive folks who may have been reluctant to invest in your product or service before seeing the discount.

As an optional add-on to the Bloom service, we will list your product/service on the Coupons page along with a small banner, short description, and a link to your website.

This page, apart from receiving a constant flow of traffic, also receives a big boost during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, further adding to your exposure.

We have been offering giveaways on WP Mayor for many years and they always drum up a lot of interest. It’s a great way to generate excitement around your product and have it shared across social media. 

Giveaways run for a period of one week, from Monday to Monday. They are promoted on our website, in our weekly newsletter, and on our social media channels. They are a terrific way to generate excitement in the WordPress community while attracting interest to your service or product. 

As part of the “Bloom” package, the giveaway will be included in the initial publishing of your written review. This is done to encourage more people to share it and get more eyes on your full product analysis. Once the week is over, the winners are announced and contacted with their prizes, and the giveaway will be removed from the published review post one or two days later.

You are welcome to give away any version or license of your product. We’ve seen the most success when sharing 3 or 5 licenses, either annual or lifetime. For example, Avada had one of our most successful giveaways ever when they shared seven 12-month licenses (including support), leading to thousands of entries and hundreds of shares across social media. 

Here’s what the giveaway includes (valued at $349): 

  • A discounted rate of $249
  • A 7-day giveaway launched as part of the publishing of your review. 
  • 3 additional Tweets throughout the week, promoting the giveaway. 
  • 3 additional Facebook posts throughout the week, promoting the giveaway. 
  • An additional mention in our Friday newsletter.
  • A dedicated newsletter of its own.

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