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Product Discoveries give you an opportunity to have your product shared with 50,000+ monthly visitors on our blog, helping you reach a wider audience.

Every product discovery also gets shared with our 30,000+ followers on social media.

We will publish a max. 1000-word article about our latest discovery, covering its main offering.
Your product will feature in our weekly newsletter which goes to all our subscribers.
We publish a tweet about the discovery and follow it up with 2 more at different times.
We publish a Facebook post about the discovery and follow it up with 2 more. at different times.

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Our team also develops WordPress plugins, so we understand what it takes to write content that converts. Every review we write is aimed at giving our readers the information they need to make an informed decision and invest in your product without having any doubts in their minds.

We have done this for some of the biggest brands in WordPress as well as new products that are looking to increase their exposure. Whichever one you are, we’re here to help you grow

Frequently Asked Questions

We promise to deliver long-term value, not a quick fix.

Targeted at early-stage or smaller products that can’t yet afford a full Product Review, a Product Discovery is a way to get your product in front of a wider audience through WP Mayor’s channels.

We will share a quick look at what your product is, what it offers, and who it’s for in 1000 words or less.

Important: Note that this is not a full product review service, so we will not test your product at any stage. The article will be written based on what’s available in your marketing material. This information will also be disclosed to our readers in a clear disclosure message at the top of the article.

Please also note that UTM parameters and affiliate tracking in links are not accepted. Every product discovery may perform differently but we do our utmost to provide the best value for everyone.

A Product Discovery is a separate process from a full Product Review, so there is no direct upgrade available. The two require different approaches, so if you think you’d be interested in a Product Review in the future, it’s best to opt for that option right away.

You may also opt to have both a Product Discovery and a Product Review published on WP Mayor since the two could also go hand-in-hand.

WP Mayor has a growing subscriber list of 5,000+ people looking for WordPress solutions. Our open rate varies from 15% to 40% with a click-through rate of 1.5% to 2% on average, depending on the topics being discussed.

We recently cleaned out our email list, so although the numbers may not appear to be large, those receiving our emails are primed and ready to find the best solutions for their problems.

Upon publishing a written review to our blog, if you choose to do so, we automatically share it on our Facebook page (3,000+ followers), Twitter profile (27,000+ followers), and LinkedIn profile. Both the Facebook post and the Tweet will include a link back to the review on our website and a featured image that features your logo.

As part of the this package, we will follow up these social media posts with two more on each platform – so that’s two more on Facebook, two more on Twitter and two more on LinkedIn. The content of these posts can be suggested by yourself or put together by our team based on the results from the review.

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