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Have your product or service featured across our website. Your logo will be featured on every page of our website with the added option of having your beautiful banners in some key areas.


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WP Mayor receives around 60,000 page views every month and it’s growing all the time. We have a very targeted audience looking for specific WordPress solutions, so you have the chance of putting yourself in front of a primed audience that is ready to invest in top-quality products and services.

The average website visitor spends at least 5 minutes browsing our website, so there’s plenty of time for your product or service to attract their attention.

With our posts being the main traffic driver, your sticky sidebar ads will remain in view the entire time that the reader is going through our content.

Yes. We constantly test new ways of ensuring that our ad spots are optimised to drive traffic to your website. The current formats are based on long experiments that were run with our own products, ensuring that we find the right mix to provide you with the most value possible.

Of course, all ads will vary depending on the size of your target market and the posts/pages being visited the most. While we cannot guarantee any number of clicks or click-through-rate, we promise to do our best to get you the most bang for your buck.

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As seen in the screenshots above, your ad will include a logo and a short description in the side banner and a logo in the footer. We will also send out a social media post on Twitter and Facebook thanking you and your brand for sponsoring WP Mayor.

Primary Sponsor

The Primary Sponsor will include all the items listed in the Secondary Sponsorship above, plus a banner in the Related Posts section, a banner on the Explore Topics page, and multiple social media posts.

Both types of sponsorships will include links from the logo, banner, and description. Please note that UTM parameters will not be accepted. 

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