How to Set Up an Invoicing System in WordPress with Sliced Invoices

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Today let me show you how you can create an invoicing system in WordPress. I will be using Sliced Invoices plugin to create it. You can create quotes, invoices and accept payments using the plugin. You can also increase its functionality by adding some extensions.
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Though WordPress is mostly used as a blogging platform or for starting a business website, it is much more flexible than you can think of. It can be used to create an eCommerce website, job listing site, membership site, social network, invoicing system, and more. Today let me show how you can create an invoicing system in WordPress. The best way to do that is by using some good invoicing WordPress plugin. While there are many such plugins available, I will be using Sliced Invoices plugin to create the invoicing system.

Introducing Sliced Invoices

Sliced Invoices is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create invoices and quotes from your website. It is easy to use and comes with a lot of features. Sliced Invoices is mobile friendly and translation ready.

Sliced Invoices Plugin

Some of the important features of this plugin are:

Beautifully Designed Templates – There are 3 templates for invoices & quotes to choose from. These are beautifully designed and are perfect for your needs. You also have the option to either customize your invoices by adding some CSS codes or create your own custom template based on your requirements.

Reporting – The reports page allows you to get an overview of important data like the status of current invoices, monthly figures, and more.

Sliced Invoices Reports

Online Payment – You can accept payment from your clients using PayPal and credit card. By adding an extension, you can even use the Stripe Payment Gateway to accept payments.

Tax Options & Currency – Sliced Invoices allows you to add tax rate in your invoice. And you also have the freedom to use any currency in your invoices.

Configure Sliced Invoices

Now let me show you how to set up the invoicing system on your WordPress website using Sliced Invoices.

First, let’s download the plugin and install it on the WordPress backend. You may download it from plugin directory or directly from the Sliced Invoices website.

Once installed and activated, you will find the Sliced Invoices menu in the sidebar:

Sliced Invoices Menu

Before creating quotes or invoices, it is important for you to configure the settings of this plugin based on your needs.

General Settings

You can add some basic information like start and end of the financial year in this section. You can also add footer details that will be displayed on your quotes and invoices.

Business Settings

This is the place where you can add your business details like business name, address, website, email, phone number and Tax details. You may also add your business logo. These details will be used in your invoices and quotes.

Sliced Invoices Business Settings

Quotes Settings

You will find all Quotes related settings here. Details like quotes prefix, terms & conditions, and more can be added in this section. You also have the option to select the Quotes template you wish to use.

Invoices Settings

This section allows you to select the invoice template. You can also customize it if you want. Not only that, you can add details like due date, terms & conditions, invoice prefix, and more.

Payment Settings

Apart from adding things like currency, tax percentage, and decimal separator, you can add your bank details to allow payment by direct bank deposit. If you want to accept payment using PayPal, you will have to add your PayPal credentials on this page.

Create Invoice

Now that you have configured the settings part, it’s time to show how you can create an invoice for your client.

Click on Invoices -> Add New Invoice. A new page will open up like the following:

Add New Invoice Sliced Invoices

Let me explain it.

Title and Description

The title and description are for your reference and will not be visible to your client.

Line Items

This is the place where you can add your work details like quantity, rate, and item title & description. You have the option to add as many items as you want.

Also, you can select pre-defined line items from the dropdown. To add predefined items, just go to Sliced Invoices -> General Settings and add them in Quantity | Title | Price | Description format.

Invoice Details

Here you can add important things like client details, invoice number, date, currency and more. Most of the details will be filled in if you have configured the settings properly.

To create a new client, click on Add New Client. This will open a pop-up window:

Add Client Sliced Invoices

Add details like client username, business name, address, email and password. Once done, click on Add New User button. This will create a new client successfully.

Next time you want to send an invoice to this client, all you have to do is select his name from the Choose Client dropdown. Isn’t that simple?

Terms & Conditions

If you have already added the terms & conditions in Invoice Settings section, it will automatically show up here. You can also modify it if you want.

Once you have filled up all the required fields, click on Publish and make the invoice live:

Invoice Sample Sliced Invoices

You can now go back to the Invoices section and find your newly created invoice. You also have the option to email the invoice link to your client.

Create Quote

Sliced Invoices also allows you to create a new quote for your client. This is similar to creating an invoice.

Once you have created the quote, send the link to your client. Your client will have the option to accept or decline the quote:

Quote Sample Sliced Invoices

If accepted, the quote will automatically be converted to an invoice and it will be moved to the Invoices section. You can also convert a quote to an invoice from the backend.


Sliced Invoices comes with free and paid extensions using which you can increase the functionality of your invoicing system and take it to the next level. Let me discuss some of them.

PDF Invoice Extension

PDF Invoice extension allows you to add a print button to the invoices and quotes in the admin area as well as on the front end. Thus, your clients will have the option to print or download the PDF invoices and quotes.

Client Area Extension

This extension creates a secure dashboard for your clients. Once they log in, they will be able to see all the invoices and quotes in a table format. They will have the option to export the table in CSV format or download the table in PDF format.

Not only that, they can also edit their business details like address, email, phone number and more.

Deposit Invoices Extension

Suppose you are working on a big project and want to take advance payment before starting the work. In that case, deposit invoices extension comes in handy.

After you have installed & activated this extension, go to an existing invoice, click on Deposit Invoice button and a new pop-up window will open up:

Deposits Extension Sliced Invoices

Now add a fixed or percentage amount you want to be deposited. This will split the existing invoice into two invoices – deposit invoice and the invoice for the remaining amount.

Recurring Invoices Extension

As the name suggests, this extension allows you to create recurring invoices. All you have to do is click on Create Recurring Invoice button and choose the frequency of the recurring invoices. Thus the next invoice will be automatically created at the chosen interval.

Easy Translate Extension

Sliced Invoices is translation ready and can be easily translated into the language of your choice. Using the easy translate extension, you can translate as well as modify the text displayed in the invoices and quotes.

Say, you want to change Hrs/Qty to Quantity in the invoice we created earlier. So go to Sliced Invoices -> Translate Settings, find Hrs/Qty, change it to Quantity and Save it.

Extension Bundles

Although you can purchase extensions individually, Sliced Invoices provides the option to buy extension bundles. This is suitable for professionals willing to invest on more than one extension.

There are 4 bundles available to choose from. The basic bundle can be purchased at 50 USD per year, while the unlimited bundle costs 195 USD per year. You may check out the following to get a clear idea:

Bundles Sliced Invoices


As you can see, creating an invoicing system is very easy using the Sliced Invoices plugin. You can create quotes, invoices and accept payments using this plugin. You can also increase its functionality by adding extensions.

So what are you waiting for? Download this plugin, use some extensions, and create an invoicing system on your website.

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