5 Ways to Set Your WordPress Site’s Marketing to Autopilot

Written by Christopher Jan Benitez
Written by Christopher Jan Benitez

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5 Ways to Set Your WordPress Site's Marketing to Autopilot

5 Ways to Set Your WordPress Site's Marketing to AutopilotHaving a WordPress site is just like running a business. You need to make your website known to as many people possible. Doing so gets you more visitors, which leads to higher profits. However, marketing your site isn’t easy due to stiff competition. You need to observe the best practices, implement the right techniques, and remain consistent with your marketing campaign. Even then, however, it may not be enough to supplant the more prominent brands in your industry.

Sounds too much to handle? Well, that’s perfectly normal; if it were easy, then everybody would be doing it!

However, the challenge is made much easier with the help of marketing automation. Not only will your site gain more visitors, but you’ll also have more sales when. Indeed, shifting to autopilot mode is the way to go.

1. Republish old content on social media

Evergreen content is essential because this is what makes your site look up-to-date. But this doesn’t mean you should just focus on creating new content. Sometimes, you also need to get back to the past and republish some of your best posts. Those that went viral and have excellent feedback are the best ones to republish.

The best way to do this is by using Revive Old Post. It’s a WordPress plugin that shares your old posts on social media. Just configure the settings, and it’ll do the job for you. This lets you save time and effort in sharing the content on your different social media accounts. It also has an auto-share image feature which enhances your content’s reachability.

2. Building an email list

email marketing

Creating an email list opens up your site to new people and increases the likelihood of engagement. This means that your recipients are more likely to avail something from your blog because of the personalized feeling of receiving an email.

GetResponse will help you build an email list. Though this isn’t a WordPress plugin, it’s sure to make your workflow streamlined. It does this thanks to its smart recommendation feature. You can automatically send emails without lifting a finger with this one. You’ll also find personalized email templates you can use to reach out to your recipients. Apart from these, GetResponse also has auto-responder and filtering features.

3. Generate content automatically

You don’t always have to write content by yourself. Sometimes, you can just generate content automatically with the help of RSS feeds. You can do this by using WP RSS Aggregator. This WordPress plugin helps you publish content on your site from top sources. It does this by importing the feed directly to your posts.

This is important because people want to be up-to-date with the latest news and stories. So what better way to deliver value than by giving them access to high-quality content? And don’t worry if you think it’ll overshadow your site’s original post! The feeds shown just provide extra value. This makes your site look more informative and top-notch.

4. Automatically link internally

To get visitors to your site is one thing; to let them stay is another. You don’t want one-time visitors. You want to have visitors who consume lots of content from your site. It improves your connection with your visitors, which in turn results to better conversions. One great way to do that is by internal linking. This makes it easy for your visitors to move from one post to another on your site.

By using a plugin that automates the whole internal linking process, you’re making everything more streamlined. Try YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin) to show related posts and pages easily. You can place them below your content and set how many you want to display. You can even put a thumbnail to make it more interesting.

5. Track online mentions

Connecting to other people can be done in a lot of ways. But one of the best ways is by engaging with the people who already reached out to you. To be exact, those who mentioned you or your site are the ones you want to connect with. Not only are you assured that they’re going to respond back, but you’re also building a stable relationship with them.

Mention is an app that helps you keep track of all your mentions. It’s a real-time media monitoring tool that also analyzes your competition and site. This makes it easier for you to reach out to your visitors and know what to improve on.


Research says that marketing automation results to a 14.5% increase in sales. It also reduces a business’ marketing overhead cost by up to 12.2%. This statistic can also be applied to WordPress sites as it also follows a business model. With this, it’s easy to say that the best way to improve your site’s reach and productivity is by automating things up. Follow the tips we’ve mentioned and see the wonder unfold on your site.

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Christopher Jan Benitez
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