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When it comes to creating ravishing PowerPoint presentations, is available at your disposal. SlideModel features a huge collection of of professionally designed presentation templates, for PowerPoint and Google Slides. The templates provided by SlideModel are exuberant as well as visually appealing. Backed by a team of presentation designers, SlideModel’s templates can help not only presenters and public speaking professionals but also bloggers and individuals who need creative & 100% customizable designs.
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When it comes to creating ravishing PowerPoint presentations, is available at your disposal. SlideModel features a huge collection of of professionally designed presentation templates, for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

The templates provided by SlideModel are exuberant as well as visually appealing. Backed by a team of presentation designers, SlideModel’s templates can help not only presenters and public speaking professionals but also bloggers and individuals who need creative & 100% customizable designs.

Customization was never so easy

One can consider taking of the services of SlideModel for the purpose of creating great & appealing customized presentations and slides. The main thing about SlideModel is that they offer flexibility with their slide templates.

You can alter them for your personal use, you may tweak them to give a corporate look as well. It is very easy to edit the templates in Microsoft PowerPoint. As the reader might know, PowerPoint is still valid and one of the preferred tool to make presentations. But given its simplicity and intuitive design (even compared with some other powerful image editing tools and platforms), PowerPoint can also be used to create a variety of other image formats and creatives, from infographics to ebooks, flyers or even cover images for your social media accounts or even WordPress blog posts.

What comes as a great fact is that, these customized templates are suitable for WordPress bloggers who need to make diagrams and cover images for their blogs or websites. A fully editable and customized feel can be achieved for your very own WordPress blog through most beautiful of the templates obtained through SlideModel. Here we’ll present you some of the nice features available on

Talking about the business-oriented slide templates on the SlideModel, these presentation template is one of the most popular ones. If you’re looking forward to most logical as well as effective evolution for your presentation, then considering 100% editable slides can be your out of the box pick. In simpler terms, SlideModel provides a basic skeleton for your presentation related endeavors. The slides provided by the site can further be customized and developed as per the user’s choice.

Dashboard templates & superlative access to statistics

Dashboard templates can be of significant worth when it comes to the PowerPoint slide format. SlideModel’s dashboard templates can provide the user with a diverse track record of their reports, it can be revenue or it can be your marketing campaigns.

Using the dashboard templates are piece of a cake. You can also inculcate images from these dashboards in your WordPress blogs. A compelling, as well as an impressive persona, can be achieved for your presentations prepared with the SlideModel’s customized templates.

The cumbersome work of projecting those ordinary Excel sheets on a projection screen is no longer required, with dashboard styles templates, an unprecedented level of corporate flavour can be provided in your presentations as well as WordPress blogs that needs to embed visually appealing infographics on their articles.

Dashboard template for PowerPoint

The user can have an unparalleled & detailed look at the customized range of templates before considering to buy those. Of course, when you become a subscriber you can download the editable templates to your local computer and start editing the text and image placeholders. One can easily shop around & can sort the best of the template for the respective need.

Out of the box features that come handy with SlideModel’s templates:

No need for stock photos: Customized templates with attractive designs have the potential to replace the stock photo requirement for your blogs. If you can obtain a great deal of personalized touch through a template, then the experience is unmatched. Stock photos for WordPress blogs are required whenever we publish anything, well, users can now create their own customized slide templates and can inculcate those in WordPress, SlideModel has made that possible.

Attractive Diagrams: What comes as a great fact for presentation enthusiasts is that SlideModel provides a library of diagrams with their customized slides. These diagrams are provided with text placeholders that are also editable and feature a great support for personal as well as business presentation needs. For example, describe a supply chain with great ease through the deemed customizable diagrams & templates respectively.

Aid for data structures: Statistical information is what is of great worth whenever we talk about presentations. The serious data points as well as information records can’t be just ignored in your presentations. Your slide may look dull or boring, SlideModel provides an innovative solution to this menace. With features like triangle shaped charts, waterfall charts, pie charts as well as creative waves, you can bestow an inevitable charm on your audience. The data structure layouts provided by SlideModel can provide a great support to present a simple or complex concept, including hierarchical information.

Editable Presentation Maps: WordPress users often face problems when they aim to include the map in their blogs. While there are many tools & plugins available online to embed maps on blogs, e.g. using Google Maps API, sometimes it comes handy to display a static map (country, region or area) using an outline. For this purpose, editable maps can be of help.

Bloggers can customize the map slides with their website colors, annotate the slides and export them to an image. Then, the image can be published in a blog post. Maps can be very significant, especially when it comes to providing helpful insights. SlideModel’s map based PowerPoint presentation slides can provide a great deal of information with maps associated with America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Oceania.

These maps are fully editable, if you deal in geographically targeted marketing, this can be your way to boom the appeal as well as the growth of your blog. While Google Maps offer a map representation with high level of details, streets and other options, using a simple image can be lightweight and convenient in some situations.

Multi-Level Circular corporate table/chart template: This line of templates of SlideModel makes it the kingpin of potential PowerPoint presentations. You can leverage the power of organizational charts for your websites, presentations and WordPress blogs as well. Design most complex as well as multi-level circular charts for the purpose of providing a great deal of information to the audience yet in an engaging manner. A number of impressive themed coded charts are also available on SlideModel. The user can also get an unparalleled access to product lifestyle illustrations.

Benefit for bloggers

Imagine you need to make a cover image for your blog post. It is possible to find free images over the Internet that you can edit in your favorite image editing tool. If you are subscribed to a royalty-free stock photo website, you can download the photos and use them, too.

In this case, using SlideModel will be like the latter, with the main difference that templates can be edited in PowerPoint or Google Slides. If you are subscribed to a stock photo website, likely you will use one of these photos to decorate your blog post or edit it in your favorite image editing tool.

Business Launch PowerPoint template

We wanted to experiment with the templates so decided to create a simple cover image for our WordPress blog post. After downloading the business launch PowerPoint template which contains a rocket illustration, we created an empty presentation in PowerPoint and copied the shapes. Then, just added a text placeholder and changed the background color. Now, this image can be exported as a PNG or JPG.

Rocket example cover image created with a PowerPoint template

Why to choose SlideModel

SlideModel can be your pick if you’re looking forward to availing the best of the PowerPoint templates. You can use customize templates in place of stock photos for a better appeal & personal attraction. Decorate your blog posts with original diagrams and produce attractive cover images by reusing the assets provided by SlideModel’s diverse range of templates & slides. You might think of taking up the services of SlideModel, the site can ensure a viable & engaging customer experience. If you wish to have beautiful presentations with added ease, then template providers like SlideModel can cater to your needs in the best possible way.

Anyone from students, teachers to corporate professionals can leverage the rich potential of the features that SlideModel features under its vicinity. Cater to your anatomy structure needs, boost your education point related designs. A futuristic vision can be achieved by the inculcation of the same in your presentations as well as blogs or websites. Make your presentations & blogs more visually-appealing, provide a novel touch to your PowerPoint presentation now.


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