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Split Pay Plugin Review: Automating Revenue Sharing on WooCommerce

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The Split Pay Plugin for WooCommerce is an ideal way to carve up incoming payments, and send money elsewhere. For a small business, charity, would-be marketplace, or WooCommerce store, it’s an excellent tool for the job.

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Business partnerships come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the typical ‘meeting of minds’ under one roof, ad partnerships, charities, and more. Marketplaces are also popular. As such, this means you may need to divide or transfer revenue between several others. This can be a complex task, but the Split Pay plugin aims to achieve this with ease in WordPress.

For this review, we’ll cover the Split Pay for Stripe Connect on WooCommerce plugin. Throughout, we’ll simply refer to this as the Split Pay plugin, as we cover its features, usability, and more. Let’s begin!

The Split Pay Plugin: The Benefits Of Automating Revenue Sharing

Business partnerships are a common way to team up and try to make money. The biggest issue you can face is how to ‘divvy’ up the income so everyone gets their expected slice. For large businesses or enterprises, this will be down to a dedicated finance team. Here, the processes will likely have greater complexities.

This is fine for the majority of business partners, but for a small business or startup, a less intricate solution offers greater value. It will also likely need to be cost-effective. This is where the Split Pay plugin comes in.

The Split Pay Plugin header from WordPress.org.

The plugin will appeal to roughly nine percent of small business partnerships in the US. In short, it’s a WordPress plugin that automates vendor transfers to other Stripe Connect accounts. This will give you plenty of benefits in lots of situations:

  • The plugin will speed up your bookkeeping, as you can automate the whole process.
  • If you host guest sellers or rotate third-party products on your store, Split Pay will come in useful.
  • Multi-vendor marketplaces are notorious for elaborate setups. To put one in place fast, the Split Pay plugin is ideal.
  • Even non-profits that take donations will find a practical use for this plugin. You’ll be able to skim a percentage from sales to transfer to other campaigns or accounts.

As you’ll find out, Split Pay is simple on the surface but offers a comprehensive feature set. We’ll look at this in greater detail.

Split Pay’s Main Features

When it comes to what Split Pay offers, everything is a variant of dividing payments. Here’s what the plugin lets you do:

  • Split payments to multiple Stripe Connect accounts.
  • Carry out splits based on lots of factors. For instance, you can set up a global transfer, one for specific products, variable product splits, and more.
  • You have the option to split payments based on either a fixed amount or a percentage.
  • If you need to transfer shipping fees too, this is an option within the Split Pay plugin.

Of course, as a WordPress plugin, you can manage all this from the WordPress dashboard. This includes being able to see transfer details for every transaction. In the next section, we’ll show you how this works.

How to Use the Split Pay Plugin

A common trait among good WordPress plugins is how they are intuitive to use. The Split Pay plugin is no exception. For the next few sections, we’ll look at how the plugin works – starting with the installation.


As with every other WordPress plugin, you’ll install the premium version of Split Pay in the same way. Note that the plugin also requires some dependencies to be present also:

From your Stripe account, you’ll need to enter three different keys into the relevant fields:

The API key fields for Stripe, within the WordPress dashboard.

These should be on the main page of your Stripe dashboard:

The Stripe API keys on that site's dashboard screen.

Once you verify these keys within WordPress, there’s one more step to cover. Note that while we can’t cover this here, you will need to configure the WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway plugin too. You may also need to set up Stripe Connect before you continue.

At this point, you are ready to set Split Pay up for use. We’ll cover this next.

Setting Up Splits and Transfers Within the Plugin

The dashboard for the settings you need is at the WooCommerce > Split Pay Plugin link:

The WordPress dashboard sidebar showing the Split Pay Plugin link.

Here you’ll see some fields that let you set global transfer values. First, add your site to the Connected Stripe Account ID field:

The main Split Pay Plugin screen, showing a connected Stripe Account ID.

Next, set a Default Global Transfer type and value:

The Split Pay Plugin dashboard that highlights the Default Global Transfer section.

Note that you can also set these values for individual products or variable products. To do this, head to the product in question within WordPress, and click the Edit link.

Once here, scroll to the bottom meta boxes, and find the Split Pay Plugin section. You may need to click the Add New Account button to see similar fields to the global transfer setup screen:

A WooCommerce product metabox that shows the Split Pay Plugin options.

Again, add your site’s details into the relevant field, and assign a transfer amount and type. Once you save your changes, that’s all you need to do!

Vendor Onboarding & Shipping Transfers

For WooCommerce marketplaces that have multiple vendors fulfilling products, you can easily onboard vendor Stripe accounts.

The Split Pay Plugin has a simple method to allow vendor registration in the Users section or even allow vendors to self-register on the default WordPress registration page.

Enable vendor onboarding in the Split Pay Plugin.

Once vendors log in to their accounts, they’ll be directed to a simple page to connect to their Stripe account to your platform. This makes the setup of the plugin much easier, as you don’t have to manually onboard your vendors from the Stripe-hosted page anymore.

You can even designate a percentage or fixed amount of shipping fees to be transferred to connected accounts. This is perfect for the cases where multi-vendor WooCommerce marketplaces may have vendors fulfilling product shipments.

Of course, vendors will need shipping costs reimbursed to them when fulfilling orders, and the shipping transfer option makes it easy to specify how much will be transferred to them.

Product-specific shipping transfer value settings in the Split Pay Plugin.

There will likely be other tasks you want to carry out, so check out the Split Pay Plugin documentation which covers all the use cases and functionality within the plugin. It should be your first port of call when it comes to learning the ins and outs of Split Pay.

A Guide to Split Pay’s Pricing

While the developer offers a free version of Split Pay, it may not be suitable for every use case. This is available from the WordPress Plugin Directory and lets you set up percentage-based transfers in a chosen currency.

The premium version of the Split Pay plugin includes much more, and works on a license-based pricing model. This means you can access the full feature set of the Split Pay plugin on every plan:

  • The ability to set up global split transfers, even to multiple accounts.
  • You can set up splits for specific products (including variable ones).
  • There’s the option to transfer shipping fees for situations where you’d take that payment upfront.

A premium Split Pay plan starts from $79 per year for a single site license. If you want a three-site license, this will cost $139 per year. There’s also a 25-license plan for $479 per year.

Split Pay’s Support

As is the theme for Split Pay’s features and functionality, support is simple too. There’s a dedicated support page that lets you email any pre-sales questions you have:

The Support screen on the Split Pay plugin website.

For post-sales support, the developer uses the popular Freshdesk ticketing system. We cover this in our roundup of best WooCommerce customer support plugins. It’s good to know that support requests aim to receive a response within one business day.

If you’d rather ‘self-serve’ your issues, the Split Pay documentation is the best place to go. This is as full-featured as you’d need to use every aspect of the plugin. The good news is that the ‘docs’ are easy to digest and follow.

It’s clear the developers have made the effort to create a plugin that is straightforward to use and explain. It could be that you may not need the documentation at all. Even so, it’s reassuring to know it’s there if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Split Pay plugin offers plenty for a small business to transfer payments. While this review tries to cover everything, there’s still an aspect we skip over. As such, take a look at the questions below. As always, you can drop your questions about the plugin into the comments section at the end of the post.

What Is the Split Pay Plugin for WooCommerce?

The Split Pay Plugin is for WooCommerce store owners who need to transfer full or part payments to Stripe Connect accounts. It gives to the ability to transfer fixed or split percentages of incoming revenue. This is all regardless of the currency you sell in.

Is There a Free Version of the Plugin to Try?

Yes! You can find a free version of the Split Pay plugin on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Note that this only lets you manage transfers on a global basis using percentages.

How Does the Split Pay Plugin Handle Refunds and International Transfers?

The plugin can’t automate refunds, but the process is simple to execute. In fact, the developer has a complete guide to this within Split Pay’s documentation. When it comes to international transfers, there is less support for multi-region stores. Again, the documentation will fill you in on the details.

What Options are there to Adjust the Transfer Amount?

In the free version of the plugin, you can only transfer a global percentage of sales to Stripe. In the premium version, you have the option to send fixed amounts too. What’s more, you can transfer shipping fees and set up product-specific dividends too.

Does the Split Pay Plugin Work With Variable WooCommerce Products?

Yes! This has full support within the premium version of the Split Pay plugin across all pricing tiers.

In Summary: Why the Split Pay Plugin Could Be Your Ticket to Painless Revenue Sharing

When it comes to standalone solutions to split up payments, the Split Pay Plugin is a go-to tool for the job. It’s quick to install, and super simple to use. Once you connect your Stripe account, you can begin to put your revenue splits into place. For small businesses using WordPress, the plugin is likely the perfect solution.

Check out our comparison of Split Pay Plugin against other marketplace plugins for an even more detailed understanding of why this solution stands out.

Does the Split Pay plugin have you chomping at the bit to install it on your WooCommerce store? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Split Pay Plugin

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