SUMO Subscriptions – WooCommerce Subscription Plugin

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SUMO Subscriptions for WooCommerce is the most comprehensive WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. It has tons of features using which you can sell subscriptions in your WooCommerce shop. Feel free to contact us with new feature requests.
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SUMO Subcriptions for WooCommerce

SUMO Subscriptions is the Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. Using SUMO Subscriptions, you can create and sell subscription products in your existing WooCommerce shop. SUMO Subscriptions supports Simple Subscriptions, Variable Subscriptions and Grouped Subscriptions. It also supports Order Subscriptions for Non-Subscription and Non-Membership Products.

Where it can be used?

This Plugin will come handy in any scenario where you want to sell Subscription based Products in a WooCommerce shop.

How it Works?

  1. For Normal Subscription it works as follows: user adds one or more subscription products to cart;

  2. For Order Subscription it works as follows: user adds one or more Normal Products to Cart. In checkout page Order Subscription check-box will be displayed. If Order Subscription check-box is Enabled, then the complete Cart contents will be charged as a single Subscription. User can choose the duration and number of Intervals for the Subscription.

  3. The user can make payment with any one of the available payment gateways.

  4. If the user chooses to make payment with the inbuilt Paypal Adaptive Payment gateway(Automatic Payment gateway), there is an option for the user to pre-approve the future renewal payments for the subscription.

  5. The subscription will be active once the payment is received.

  6. If the user has pre-approved the future renewal payments, then during subscription renewal, subscription amount will be automatically charged from the user’s (subscriber’s) PayPal account.

  7. If the user chooses to make payment with some other gateway, then subscription renewal will happen manually. If that happens, an invoice email along with the payment link will be sent to the user(subscriber), with the help of that link they can renew their subscription.

  8. Once the payment is made by the user, the subscription will be renewed.


Following are the features of SUMO Subscriptions which makes it the best WooCommerce Subscription Plugin. We intend to add more features in future and hence feel free to contact us with new feature requests and we will look into it.

  • Simple Subscriptions, Variable Subscriptions, Grouped Subscriptions and Order Subscriptions
  • Multiple subscriptions in single checkout
  • Subscription products can be purchased along with non-subscription products in single checkout
  • Automatic subscription renewal using inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Payment gateway
  • Inbuilt Stripe payment gateway
  • Subscribers can choose to pre-approve the subscription renewal payments
  • Subscribers can be forced to pre-approve the subscription renewal payments
  • Manual subscription renewal using any WooCommerce supported payment gateway
  • Subscribers can purchase multiple quantities of the same subscription product
  • Site admin can create Manual Subscription Order for the Subscribers
  • Limit subscription for each subscriber by no limit, one active subscription per product or one active subscription throughout the site
  • Both free trial and paid trial supported
  • Limit trial for each subscriber by no limit, one active trial per product or one active trial throughout the site
  • Subscribers can pause or cancel their subscriptions
  • Site admin can pause or cancel any subscription
  • Subscribers can change their subscriptions from automatic subscription renewal to manual subscription renewal and vice versa
  • Subscription price and subscription period can be set
  • Trial fee and sign up fee can be set
  • Site admin can view the list of subscriptions purchased in the site
  • Renewal date for any subscription can be changed by site admin
  • Log history for each subscription is captured and listed in each subscription page
  • Separate email templates for manual subscription renewal and automatic subscription renewal
  • Payment reminder emails can be sent to the subscribers to make payments or to add funds to the account in case of inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Payment gateway
  • Option to include/exclude shipping cost in subscription renewal
  • Option to include/exclude tax cost in subscription renewal
  • Time before due date for creating the renewal orders can be customized
  • When to send the payment reminder emails can be customized
  • Multiple payment reminder emails can be sent
  • Supports payment overdue feature
  • Duration of payment overdue can be customized
  • Option for the subscription to be changed to manual renewal mode when the subscriber cancels the automatic payment (Inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Payment gateway)
  • Settings of subscription products can be bulk updated using Bulk Update
  • Master Log to record all the transactions throughout the site
  • Highly customizable
  • Translation ready… and more.


The documentation is available inside the zip file which you can download after the purchase.

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