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At last! An Easy Way of Creating Websites for Small Businesses

Small businesses can be fertile grounds for website assignments. This can involve helping clients to go online or improve what’s already in place. Landing even a single job isn’t always easy if you’re a freelancer, because of the competition.

Winning multiple jobs requires even more work. plus, you’re occasionally faced with juggling several jobs at once.

Hard work and long hours go with the territory, but is that really necessary?

The good news: there’s a better way. Not every proposal will produce results. But you’ll still get more work, and be able to manage it effectively as well.

20 Highly Effective Websites for Small Businesses

Pre-built websites provide ideal solutions for building small business websites. They enable you to react quickly and positively to the way small business teams tend to operate. These 20 websites show you what can be done. The first three prove how fast you can create working websites.

3 Ways That Can Help You Increase Your Income

According to a study conducted last year, more than half the freelancers interviewed expected to continue to increase their income, while over a third of them indicated an increased demand for their work.

What’s their secret, and what does it mean for you? There’s actually no secret at all. It’s a simple fact that 2016 is a great time to be a freelancer, especially a web design freelancer. The demand for the type of work you do is there, and it is increasing. The market is changing, not only domestically, but globally, and you can be a part of it.

4 Good Examples of Pre-Built WP Portfolios

Whether you own an online shop, a brick and mortar business, or an agency that advertises online, a portfolio can be a highly effective in attracting clients and customers. The portfolio is in fact, one of the most important advertising tools you can have at your disposal in the world of online marketing.

Why Pre-built WordPress Websites Have Become Popular

Website designers and developers typically rely on online website builders, wireframing, outsourcing, or WordPress themes to complete their projects. Each approach quite naturally has its pros and cons.

Be: How Substituting Pre-Made Layouts for Wireframing Saves Time

Wireframing is a web design mainstay, yet the wireframe design process is by its very nature a time consuming one. A wireframe is a visual guide that serves as the framework for a website’s page(s). It connects a website’s proposed information architecture and content priorities to the user interface, and it involves these steps:

Are You Using Pre-Made Layouts?

When you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme that will best serve your needs, you are quite naturally going to be checking out such features as responsiveness, ease of customization, SEO, optimization, and others, with fast page loading being one of the most important of all. Fast page loading, coupled with ease of customization, are significant website development time savers. Not to be overlooked however, is the importance of having a pre-made, easily customizable, layout at your fingertips.

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