best practices

How to Check Whether a Plugin is Active

When creating plugins, I sometimes need to check whether another plugin is already installed and active. This might be due to my plugin adding some extra functionality on top of the other plugin. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to have my plugin active while the main plugin is not active. The situation is the same when creating add-ons for an existing plugin.

A Collection of ‘Role Model’ Plugins

Lately as I delve deeper into plugin development, I’ve been keeping a WordPress installation where I have a few of the most exemplary plugins installed and activated. That way, when I have some doubt about user interface, or how to perform a particular piece of functionality, I can always refer to one of these plugins.

How to Structure a WordPress Plugin’s Files

An important aspect of keeping your plugin well organised is to create a file and folder structure that makes sense.

I’ve recently done some research on how the leading plugin developers are structuring their plugins, and would like to share this with you.

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