Explore caching solutions for WordPress, covering plugins and strategies to cache and serve static content for faster page loading. Learn about caching plugins, cache management, and how to implement caching effectively to reduce server load and improve website speed.

WordPress Speed Need a Boost? Here’s What You Need to Know

Imagine you run a WordPress blog for boat repair and product reviews. You have a significant reader base who love your in-depth analysis, but recently, you’ve been receiving feedback about slow load times. You’ve noticed a slight drop in traffic as well, which might be due to the slow speed. Now, you decide to take action to optimize your website speed.

Introducing Redis: Boosting WordPress Performance and Scalability

Introducing Redis: Boosting WordPress Performance and Scalability

Redis is revolutionizing caching with its rapid performance and scalability. Ideal for WordPress sites with high user load requirements, it optimizes read and write operations. Whether it’s small-scale cache or a full-blown backend solution for static content, Redis has you covered. Learn to harness its power for a faster, more responsive website.

NitroPack Review

NitroPack Review: WordPress Site Speed Optimization on Easy Mode

NitroPack is a comprehensive site speed optimization plugin for WordPress (and other platforms). In one tool, and with just a few clicks, you can implement pretty much every tactic needed to make your site load fast. In our hands-on NitroPack review, we’ll give you a detailed look at how it works.

How To Fix High CPU Usage In WordPress

High CPU usage from your WordPress site is never a good sign. At best, you’ll see loading times drop to a snail’s pace, and at worst, your site can become inaccessible to visitors. 

Scary stuff, isn’t it? Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to sort out your CPU issues once and for all!

A2 Optimized

A2 Optimized – All You Need for Speed & Security

As a WordPress user, there are two particular things you should pay close attention to; speed and security. If you’re not concerned with these, you should be. They could end up being extremely costly not just down the road, but right now.

Which WordPress Caching Plugin Should I Use?

One of the most important performance aspects of a website is the speed with which it loads. If you want to optimise your site to give your visitors the best possible experience while also improving your status in Google’s ranking system then you need to make sure your site loads fast. A slow site can push you down the ranking and make your visitors push the back button – two things you never want happening.

4 Easy Tips for WordPress Performance Optimization

Choosing a good host is part of running a WordPress site, but many users wonder where to go from there. A properly optimized WordPress site can not only allow you to serve your customers better, but also greatly decreases your server loads. In the web hosting world, a few extra seconds to load your site could be the difference in converting a customer to a sale. In this article, we’ll show you how to improve server performance and page speed by leveraging things like browser caching and CDNs.

How to use MaxCDN and the new W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache is the most popular caching WordPress plugin out there. What made it this popular was the extensive settings that offer advanced options to configure the caching exactly like you need it. With the integration abilities being one of the strongest parts of W3TC, it can be integrated with almost any server side caching software or just use the system’s hard drive, particularly useful for shared hosts. Lets see how we can integrate MaxCDN with W3 Total Cache.