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Everything You Need to Know About Child Themes and Why to Use Them

What makes WordPress stand out is the fact that it gives its users freedom to freely edit, change, tune up or completely redo their websites and blogs. The openness of the platform provides countless features for users to explore, edit or apply in some manner that will best suit their needs.

Beans: An Easy, Free and Lightweight WordPress Theme Framework

Bloated themes are all the more common nowadays, with many theme developers choosing to include an abundance of features, and sometimes additional plugins, into their themes, leading to theme bloat. However, you sometimes just want a simple theme that gets the job done. One such theme framework is Beans; an easy-to-use, lightweight, well-documented, free and open-source WordPress theme framework.

Top 100 Genesis Child Themes 2015

The Genesis framework is used by thousands upon thousands of WordPress users. It’s got a long list of great features that any WordPress site would love to have and a multitude of child themes to choose from.

There are a lot of Genesis child themes out there, probably one for every purpose you can imagine. I’ve compiled a list of the best 100 that I found, ranging from simple blogs to beautiful and complex specific themes.

The list includes free as well as premium options and there’s certainly something for everyone.

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