Conversion Optimization

Delve into strategies for improving conversion rates on your WordPress website, focusing on techniques to optimize landing pages, forms, and calls to action. Learn about conversion optimization plugins, A/B testing, and user experience enhancements.

Optimizing WooCommerce for the Holiday Season

Optimizing your WooCommerce Store for the Holiday Season

The 2021 holiday season promises to be the biggest retail period ever. Is your WooCommerce site as ready as it should be? We’ve put together a wish list of the WooCommerce store essentials that will ensure you’ll be toasting your success in the new year.

How to Increase WooCommerce Conversions with Instagram Feeds

How to Increase WooCommerce Conversions with Instagram Feeds

In this post, we see how you can boost WooCommerce conversions using the power of Instagram! Using Spotlight PRO, you can now create feeds to funnel visitors to the right WooCommerce product, provide customers with live testimonials and keep your content looking fresh!

How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your WordPress Site

How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your WordPress Site

To sustain your business, you need to find a way to turn in profit with your WordPress-built websites. Visitors alone will not help keep your site online — you need to find ways to turn your site traffic into leads, if not customers and subscribers. Therefore, you need to learn how to improve your conversion rate to make the most out your traffic and sustain your site, if not make money off it!

Split Testing WordPress Menus and Widgets with Nelio A/B Testing

All websites serve a purpose. For instance, some sell a product, others offer a service, and others share news and stories. Clearly, some websites are better than others in serving their purpose. Split Testing (or A/B Testing) is a simple way to test changes on the current design or content of a website and determine which changes produce better results.

Conversion Optimization Tools for eCommerce WordPress Sites

For the moment, think about what you feel is the most important part of your eCommerce store. How do you spend your time on a regular basis, and what are the tools you implement to improve your sales throughout the week? Those are some tough questions, because there are so many essential areas to optimize on your site. 

WordPress Native Split Tests with Nelio A/B Testing – Review

Split testing (or A/B testing) is a very interesting topic that I’ve read about many times, however sadly I hadn’t found the time and opportunity to try out any services for conducting such testing until this week. As many of you already know, one of the main products from the WP Mayor team is the WP RSS Aggregator plugin and its premium add-ons.

Since launching the premium add-ons around a year ago I’ve been wanting to do some conversion testing with the website, so after checking what options were available I decided to test the waters with the Nelio A/B Testing solution. In this post I’ll be sharing my review of this service based on this experience.

Best A/B Split Testing Plugins for WordPress

Split testing lets us optimise our site to make more conversions.

You can split test on an image, title, or entire paragraphs of content. Actually, you can do A/B testing on any part of your page.

But let’s face it – we all love the results of testing our sites, but hate the work involved! After you’ve written several versions of your copy, you have to setup some kind of system to randomize between them and show different samples to different people. That alone involves technical skills. You then need to gather the huge amount of raw data and filter it so you end up only with relevant information. And data alone means nothing if you don’t process it and get some conclusion from it. So at this point you could use some laborious spreadsheets or some kind of program that will finally transform the statistical data into the long-awaited result. After all these technical and demanding tasks, you finally get to implement the findings and then start to see some results. Honestly, all this work is very tedious!