Custom Post Types

Delve into custom post types in WordPress, learning how to create and manage unique content types beyond the standard posts and pages. Discover plugins and techniques for defining custom fields, taxonomies, and templates for specialized content. This tag is ideal for WordPress users seeking to organize and display content in a structured and tailored manner, such as portfolios, events, testimonials, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types turned WordPress from a simple blog engine into a versatile Content Management Platform. Apart from posts and pages, we can also manage news and deal sections, shop items, event, and many more. Learn more about Custom Post Types in this article and how you can create and extend them with or without coding skills.

ACPT Review: Advanced Custom Post Types

ACPT Review: Advanced Custom Post Types

You can create custom post types without knowing anything about the code behind it. In this review, I’m going to introduce you to the Advanced Custom Post Types (ACPT) plugin.

Toolset – Now Everyone is a WordPress Developer

One of the first things new users to WordPress worry about is that it will be too difficult for them to build the exact website they have in mind. Thanks to Toolset, that is no longer a concern. Toolset is the perfect set of tools (pardon the pun) for anyone hoping to build a professional website regardless of whether they are a coding wizard or novice.

Toolset vs ACF

Toolset vs ACF on WordPress: Which One Should You Use?

In this comparison, we’ll explain how both Toolset and ACF help you build better WordPress sites. Then, we’ll dig into each plugin to help you choose the right tool for your needs because, while there is some overlap, each plugin has a slightly different focus.

Create Single Post Template in WordPress

How To Create a Single Post Template in WordPress

While most WordPress themes come with a variety of page layout options, posts tend to be limiting. Fortunately, you can create a single post template in WordPress to apply unique styles and custom layouts for individual posts and content types. This post explains how you can use the Beaver Builder page builder to create a single post template in five steps.

How to Generate RSS Feeds for Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types were one of the important innovations in WordPress 3.0. They really launched WordPress on the main stage when it comes to usage as a Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is very intuitive in the area of RSS, however it still does not generate automatic feeds for custom post types.

So how can we add Custom Post Types to our main WordPress RSS feeds?

Best WordPress Plugins for Creating Custom Fields and Post Types

Custom Post Types and Custom Fields were the two features that really transformed WordPress from a simple blogging tool to a fully-fledged CMS. Many still think that custom post types and custom fields are hard to implement, but today I’m going to give you two plugins that will make you the master of CPTs and custom fields within 10 minutes max. Try them out!

Best Custom Meta Box Tutorials & Resources

Here’s some of the best tutorials and resources for building custom meta boxes that I’ve come across in the past two years. I’m posting them here to have a handy reference for all those building plugins and themes.

How to Change Order or Posts or Custom Post Types in the Dashboard

In the WordPress dashboard, posts are displayed in the ‘latest first’ order. This also applies to pages and custom post types. However it is also easy to change this order if you wish to do so. It might be more practical for example, to have them display according to their title, in ascending order.