7 Simple Elements to Set Up Your LearnDash E-learning Site and Keep Users Hooked

7 Simple Elements to Set Up Your LearnDash E-learning Site and Keep Users Hooked

While having a LearnDash website is one thing, maintaining it is altogether a different story. A lot of things come into play their, but what tops them all is the aesthetics of a website/system which your end users are interacting with. When it comes to the architecture of designing the eLearning websites, in this article you’ll find  7 elements common to any eLearning website which your website MUST have.

Oxygen – A Complete Design Plugin for Creative Professionals

Looking for a comprehensive WordPress design plugin to tackle all your coding needs without add-on costs? Oxygen is a full-site builder that gives you complete control over every aspect of your WordPress site design – in just one plugin. No more add-ons. No more hacking theme files. No more bloated code weighing down your site speed. Oxygen gives you complete control over your website design vision even if you aren’t a code-guru.

Toolset – Now Everyone is a WordPress Developer

One of the first things new users to WordPress worry about is that it will be too difficult for them to build the exact website they have in mind. Thanks to Toolset, that is no longer a concern. Toolset is the perfect set of tools (pardon the pun) for anyone hoping to build a professional website regardless of whether they are a coding wizard or novice.

Ghost Browser: The Productivity Browser for Tech Pros

Never Build Another WordPress Site Without Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser is the Productivity Browser for technology professionals. It will make any WordPress professional work smarter and faster. Each tab can have it’s own cookie jar so productivity gains are incredible.

The WordPress Theme That Makes Web Design Fun Again

You like what you do. This is especially true when you’ve completed a project featuring several design challenges you had to overcome. You’re satisfied, your client is happy, and the end users will find a pleasant UX awaits them.

WordPress eCommerce Design Tips

WordPress Themes: Design Tips That Can Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

This post throws light on some essential tips that help a WordPress website owner to skyrocket their conversion rate. It covers all the aspects that are critically needed to attain great conversion rates, especially for WordPress eCommerce sites. The post contains several impressive stats, examples, and plugins that help you to make your WordPress website impactful and fruitful for your business.

Basic Design Plugins for WordPress

Being a novice, one may wonder that plugins are used not only to enhance features of a website, but also to improve its design. These small applications sometimes greatly transform the design of a site, making positive miracles. If you’re related to the web design like DesignContest do, you have to know at least the basic design plugins for WordPress – those that we consider in this article. Let’s start.

20+ Alternatives for Your Fresh Looking Website

Hey there, dear readers! We got our hands dirty once again, looking for the best and only the best free resources released over the last few weeks by the nice people of the Internet. Our search was not in vain and now we have a whole bunch of stuff to give away.

10 Strong Reasons Why WordPress Is Good For Small Business Websites

If we talk about the previous times there were no pre defined platforms that you can use for designing your website. You have to start from the very first step for designing a website that will work for your business. But the time has changed a lot now. You do not have to start with the very first step. Instead you will find platforms that will allow you to design a quick website for representing your business.

Beaver Builder Launch Design Contest

Beaver Builder have seen many awesome website designs created with their products, so they’ve decided to see what else the creative WordPress users out there can create, and reward them for it.

They’ve just launched the Beaver Builder Design Contest – a competition where each and every one of you, whether you’re a Beaver Builder client or not, can create a cool and functional design with the chance of winning some great prizes.

Everything you need to create a website for less than $100. From your domain and hosting to picking a design, we cover it all.

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