A Website for the Ages

Designing a website isn’t just about creating something that looks good. It is about producing a site that potential customers and current clients are able to use easily and effectively. This means that they should be able to load pages quickly, they should be able to move throughout the site easily and they should be able to find what they are looking for without too much difficulty.

Web Design Trends for 2015… Where Will They Take Us?

Now that we are in the final quarter of 2014, we can conjure up an idea of what web design trends will be influencing the way we design our sites in 2015. This is obviously subject to personal preference, however certain trends seem to be featuring more predominantly throughout the web.

2014 (and a little earlier) has seen the introduction and use of some great features and styles, all of which make your browsing experience more enjoyable. WordPress has kept up very well with all these trends through a multitude of themes and plugins.

Best Client Care: 50 Flat WordPress Themes That Boost User Experience

There is a lot of craze and stir around flat and minimalistic designs. Every esteemed web-design blog is bound to have an article on them and argues either for or against them. Probably, you’ve already got an idea what a flat (or sleek) design is. But let’s take a look at whether flat templates are really that great and what can you get out of them.

ThemeForest Author Hits $3,000,000 in Sales

Just a bit more than 6 months ago the talented designer and ThemeForest author Christian Budschedl, better known as Kriesi, won the race to 2 million dollars, and only 1 year before that he made his first $1,000,000. The news we would like to share with you today is that Christian has hit the $3,000,000 mark in total sales. That was quick! Well done!

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