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How WPML Contractors and Display as Translated Helps Businesses and Developers Build Multilingual Websites

You think you have identified the developer you want to build your multilingual website. But just like with lawyers, plumbers, or any other time you put the fate of an important project in the hands of a relative stranger, a lingering doubt always remains.

Have I made the right decision?

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be like this.

At least when it comes to developers. With WPML Contractors, you will find trusted professionals who have experience in building multilingual websites.

WP RSS Aggregator Is Looking To Partner Up With Some Great Developers

Our WP RSS Aggregator plugin is growing at a steady pace and has exceeded the 300,000 all-time downloads mark. What this means is that we’re also getting more requests for some fine tuning here and there, as well as help with certain custom setups for our premium add-ons. While our support team is doing a great job in providing useful and continuous support to our customers, these custom jobs can take up a lot of time that our small team currently doesn’t have to offer. So if you’ve worked with WP RSS Aggregator before or are simply familiar with the way it works, we’d love to hear from you and possibly feature your services on our website to have you help out these customers where needed.

Interesting Plugins for Web Designers and Developers

The vast majority of web designers and web developers can recognize a premium plugin when they see it. We choose these plugins depending on the task at hand. If the website we set out to create is based on WordPress, it’s paramount for our plugins not only to provide us with the functionality we desire, but also integrate well with the platform that we’re using.

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