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How to Check Whether a Plugin is Active

When creating plugins, I sometimes need to check whether another plugin is already installed and active. This might be due to my plugin adding some extra functionality on top of the other plugin. Therefore it doesn’t make sense to have my plugin active while the main plugin is not active. The situation is the same when creating add-ons for an existing plugin.

How to Properly Comment Your Themes and Plugins

One of the marks of a truly great WordPress developer, is his ability to include excellent commenting in his code. Go ahead, take a look at some of the plugins/themes by the best developers, and see how easy it is to read through their code. They adhere to the WordPress Coding Standards when writing HTML and PHP. There is also the CSS Coding Standards page on the Core Contributor Handbook, which is definitely another page to check out.

Today we will therefore look at the subject of commenting. I’m going to show you a few examples from top plugins and themes. We’ll be focusing on the use of commenting in the documentation of files and functions/classes, but we’ll also mention the normal comments you can sprinkle throughout your code.

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