WP Time Capsule

One-Time Lifetime Offer from WP Time Capsule

WP Time Capsule are offering a one-time lifetime offer that’s not to be missed. They offer an all-inclusive WordPress backup solution for all your needs. Learn more about it before the offer is gone for good.

Best Document & File Management Plugins for WordPress

Best Document & File Management Plugins for WordPress

Are you in the dark about WordPress File and Document Management plugins? Have you entertained the thought opting for Joomla because of its Docman plugin? Read this post first and you will learn about the best Document management and Download Manager plugins for WordPress.

What to Do When a WordPress Plugin Causes Your Website to Crash

It doesn’t matter how careful you are. At some point of another, a plugin is going to cause your WordPress website to crash. The only way to avoid a crash is to have a test area that is an exact clone of your live website; with the same plugins, posts, pages and theme. Whilst I am a strong advocate of actively using a test area to try out new plugins and changes, I do not believe it is practical to keep an exact duplicate of your live website, particularly if that website has a lot of content. So realistically, you’re going to have to deal with a problematic plugin in the future.

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