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Selling Digital Products with Easy Digital Downloads

Selling both physical and digital products online via an eCommerce platform on WordPress is relatively easy. In fact, we have shared with you in the past how to go about setting up shop using the popular WooCommerce plugin, how to boost the functionality of your shop with this exhaustive list of free WooCommerce plugins, and have even shown you how to make your shop multilingual to reach a wider audience.

But what if you only want to sell digital items in your eCommerce shop?

Well, today I am going to show you how to do just that using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.

How to Create a Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Bookable Services

EDD Bookings provides a complete booking system for EDD that allows you to schedule appointments, meetings, consultations and any other calendar and time based events. Meanwhile, FES provides a full-featured marketplace extension. Combine the two and you get a powerful tool with which store owners can operate multi-vendor marketplaces with bookings.

An Introduction to EDD Bookings v2.0

Last week we released a major update for the EDD Bookings plugin – version 2.0.

The plugin had a complete overhaul on the back-end, with many improvements and fixes made on the front-end too. It was major undertaking that has produced a great extension for any existing or potential Easy Digital Downloads customers.

How to Add an “Add to Cart” Popup for Easy Digital Downloads

If you’ve heard of or make use of e-commerce with WordPress in any way you must have come across Easy Digital Downloads at one point or another. It’s the best (and free) plugin to sell digital downloads on your WordPress site in an easy and organised way.

Besides the basic plugin that you can download for free from the WordPress plugin repository, there are also a number of premium extensions you can purchase from the EDD website. One of the latest extensions to be released is a project undertaken by our own team; Add to Cart Popup.

EDD Bookings Released – The Bookings Add-on for Easy Digital Downloads

Today we announce the release of the EDD Bookings add-on. This plugin adds a booking system to your WordPress site, allowing customers to book and pay for appointments, meetings, consultations and more. Basically, any event, service or resource that needs to be scheduled by date and time can be handled by this Easy Digital Downloads add-on.

New EDD Checkout Message Extension Released

Have you ever seen an appreciate “Thank you” message when making a high-value purchase? Or have you ever seen a conditional message appear when you try to purchase multiple items together that aren’t compatible with each other?

Would you like to implement something like that for your own online shop? Well, you’re in luck. Just this week the brand new Checkout Message extension for Easy Digital Downloads was released, making it super easy to do just that.

Booking Add-on for Easy Digital Downloads Coming Soon

During the past few months we’ve been hard at work on developing an extension for Easy Digital Downloads that will allow you to create bookable products and services.

We’re finally in the very final stages of beta testing and the plugin should be out by the end of the month. However for those of you who have been waiting patiently for this add-on, you can go ahead and test the latest version at demo.eddbookings.com.

Jump-Start Your Store with the EDD Starter Package

Easy Digital Downloads offers one of the easiest ways to sell digital downloads through WordPress for free. The EDD plugin makes it super easy to sell downloads with not only beautiful code, but also a clean and easy-to-use interface.

They have now also introduced the Starter Package. By simply filling in the Starter Package form EDD will build the package you need from some of its most popular extensions, while also benefiting from an automatic 30% discount on your purchase!

Introducing Ultimate Member: a Free Community and User Profile Plugin

If you’re looking to create a community or user based website where visitors to your site can register and become members then Ultimate Member could be the perfect solution for you! Ultimate Member is a powerful plugin that allows you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and create advanced online communities. The plugin is extremely easy to use and offers a high level of flexibility allowing you to create a wide variety of sites with the plugin.

Marketify Theme Review: Sell Digital Products and Create a Marketplace

This review takes a look at the Marketify theme for WordPress. This theme integrates with Easy Digital Downloads allowing you to create an online store selling digital products. The Marketify theme can also be used to create an online marketplace  allowing you to sell digital products from multiple vendors.

With this theme and Easy Digital Products you can create a profit sharing marketplace and allow others to list their products on your site using frontend submissions forms. Find out the full story on this theme in our detailed Marketify review.

How to Activate/Deactivate Plugins with the Easy Digital Downloads Software Licensing Add-on

This week I’ve been playing around with the Software Licensing add-on for Easy Digital Downloads, and I must say it really rocks. It can be used for implementing a licensing system for your commercial themes and plugins. Here’s the deactivation/activation code for reference, you can use this to enable users to activate or deactivate a plugin/theme license from their dashboard.

Best WordPress Plugins 2013 Edition

One of the most common questions I get asked from people who are new to WordPress, and others who have already been using it for a while, is the following:

Can you tell me which are the best plugins for WordPress?

Now any best WordPress plugins list will probably differ in that the author will have preferences based on the kind of sites he has. However there are quite a number of plugins that I tend to use on most WordPress sites I build, and those are the ones I will be listing here today.

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