How to Conduct an eCommerce WordPress Website Audit Like a Jedi

Many people who sell online say that the main tool that keeps their sites relevant is the audit. They’re right because it identifies issues with the website and offers ways to resolve them. By issues, I don’t mean only technical errors but also sales opportunities!

In other words, a website audit is huge in eCommerce. Especially if the store has been running for some time. Security threats, slow loading pages, and poor SEO performance are more likely to appear as the site becomes older.

30 Top-rated Responsive WordPress Themes with WooCommerce Integration for Spring 2022

Do you run your own store and look for the ways to expand your business reach? Then getting your business on the web is the most optimal solution for you. By means of a well-designed web store, you can expand your business reach and boost conversions straight away. No matter if you are an owner of a small business or your brand boasts a huge inventory of items for any taste and budget, you will achieve better results by means of a website.

Top 6 WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins

6 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins in 2022

WooCommerce is best known for powering online shops for retail customers. Few people know that it’s also hugely popular for wholesale stores selling to trade users. In this post, we’ll take a look at the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins to do just that.

16 Best WordPress Themes for Easy Digital Downloads.

16 Best WordPress Themes for Easy Digital Downloads

Why would you spend time tending to a garden if, come spring, you don’t get to enjoy the flowers in full bloom? Well, the same reasoning applies to your blog or website.

You spend a lot of time writing, editing, and uploading new content, moderating comments and interacting with your followers, so why shouldn’t you get to reap the rewards of your efforts by making some money on the side too?


Get More Sales With Google Shopping Campaign For WooCommerce

The biggest name in online advertising is, of course, Google. The company’s AdWords offering has revolutionised advertising and eCommerce to a whole new level. Even with the glut of online shopping sites, many people still search on Google for the products they are looking to buy. Now, eCommerce websites and sellers can increase sales and boost revenue by using a new tool launched by Google Shopping called Shopping Campaigns.

The New XStore WordPress Theme Makes E-Commerce Easy

XStore has just launched. This new e-commerce WordPress theme takes into account some of the cool design trends professional web designers are following.

XStore could best be described as an aesthetically minimal theme, a theme that is easy to use and is able to deliver SEO optimized websites that are favored by the search engines.

Members-Only WooCommerce Store

How to Create a Members-Only WooCommerce Store

There are several different ways that you can create a members-only shop using WooCommerce, each with its own pros and cons. I will guide you through the options and help you to choose the best solution for your own WordPress website.

How to Add an “Add to Cart” Popup for Easy Digital Downloads

If you’ve heard of or make use of e-commerce with WordPress in any way you must have come across Easy Digital Downloads at one point or another. It’s the best (and free) plugin to sell digital downloads on your WordPress site in an easy and organised way.

Besides the basic plugin that you can download for free from the WordPress plugin repository, there are also a number of premium extensions you can purchase from the EDD website. One of the latest extensions to be released is a project undertaken by our own team; Add to Cart Popup.

From hosting plans to WooCommerce plugins and backup services, we have put together a collection of exclusive coupons and deals!
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