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Tripetto Review

Tripetto Review: An Actually Unique WordPress Form Plugin

In a world of WordPress form plugins that all do approximately the same thing, Tripetto is a new form plugin that brings something unique to the table. It helps you create conversational, engaging forms with branching logic where needed. Read our hands-on Tripetto review to learn more about the plugin.

Calculated Fields Form Review

Calculated Fields Form Review: An Advanced Form Builder Plugin for WordPress

Calculated Fields Form is a WordPress plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields. The plugin includes a visual form builder which allows you to create advanced forms that can contain a range of field types and one or more automatically calculated fields that use the data that has been entered by the user.

To find out if this plugin has the features you need for your website, read on for our Calculated Fields Form plugin review.

Which Form Builder Should I Use?

Of all the form plugins out there, it seems that the mighty Gravity Forms is the undisputed king. But of course, that doesn’t mean you should blindly use it just because “everybody else uses it”. How do other plugins compare? Are there any others that are worth considering? We’re going to take a look at two others: Formidable and Ninja Forms and see how they measure up against the current top choice.

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