20+ Alternatives for Your Fresh Looking Website

Hey there, dear readers! We got our hands dirty once again, looking for the best and only the best free resources released over the last few weeks by the nice people of the Internet. Our search was not in vain and now we have a whole bunch of stuff to give away.

Best Selling StudioPress Themes in April

StudioPress is a WordPress premium framework that has grown into one of the most popular and most trusted theme providers today. All StudioPress themes are powered by the Genesis framework, making them even more sought after by WordPress developers and users.

Their latest released theme is Modern Studio Pro – a theme aimed at drawing the users’ eyes to exactly where we want them, and then doesn’t distract them. You can read more about this release in StudioPress’ blog.

Now let’s take a look at their top ten best-selling themes for this month.

Creating the Custom Template in the Genesis Framework

WordPress never ceases to toss at us some exceptionally useful features and capabilities that make our website development endeavor much more simpler and rewarding. Genesis happens to be another great addition to the ever growing list of WordPress goodies.

Get The RichWP FrameWork Plus 12 Child Themes For Free

In the first quarter of 2013 RichWP has released its new line of lean, responsive and fast performing WordPress themes and is therefore retiring its FrameWork/Child Themes packages. Since the 2012 themes are still very good and I know that a many of you can get a lot of mileage out of these themes, RichWP is giving away its WordPress Theme FrameWork together with its twelve child themes for free

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