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The Murky Waters of Free Web Hosting

Everybody likes a bargain and that’s one reason free web hosting attracts business owners who want to stretch their resources. But is it really a bargain? There’s a lot about free web hosting you should know before jumping on the bandwagon.

15 Worst Web Hosting Practices To Watch Out For

Looking for a hosting company that won’t let your business down is easier said than done. What are 15 of the worst things that web hosting companies do that you should avoid? We’ll let you in on their dirty little secrets.

Introducing WPNode: Free but Reliable WordPress Hosting

People love freebies while still feel anxious about many aspects of the service, especially to web hosting. Free hosting is mistaken to indicate poor quality, hidden fees, annoying ads, uncertain security or unreachable support. Perhaps you have a general impression of free hosting in the past, but one of the exceptions is WPNode.

AussieHost Giveaway Winners Announcement!

Last week we teamed up with AussieHost to give you a chance to win a 1-year free subscription to Joey web hosting plan. AussieHost is an Australian hosting company with 24 x 7 friendly support, rock solid servers and feature-rich products. Today it’s a time to draw the winners!

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