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How Giving Away Free WordPress Themes Can Benefit a Creative Community

Giving away free themes was never a priority for Envato, whose core value is helping the community succeed. However by working with the community it became a way to showcase high quality themes and help up and coming authors get noticed in a huge pool of talent.

Responsive Web Design

22 Free Responsive WordPress Themes That Look Amazing

A quick Google search for “free responsive WordPress themes” will yield tens of millions of results. With that many themes out there, it can be a daunting task to decide which one to pick. To help you select the most beautiful and highest quality theme for your website, we have compiled a list of the top 22 free responsive WordPress themes.

Totally Fresh & Free WordPress Themes and Plugins

This month we return fully loaded with a compilation of good-looking fresh resources that will be your best company all the way long, make sure to review them all! In this collection we have included WordPress themes like Blogline and Education Hub.

20+ Fresh Cooked Themes and Plugins for Your WordPress Project

Themes for clean news websites, interior design, flat long horizontal containers blogging, music-related posts, multiple purposes in clean style, oblique fashion blogging and eCommerce, agency home sites, motorsports blogging, portfolio headers, a curated collection of 30 parallax-featured themes.

20+ New WordPress Plugins and Themes for Your Site

A new and fresh round-up for you, it contains WordPress themes for websites regarding jewelry, gyms, travel blogs, medical teams, magazines, portfolios, NGOs and more and WordPress Plugins for you to authenticate securely, republish old posts, CSS editing and more.


Revamp Your WP Project with This Curated Collection of WordPress Themes and Plugins

Hey buddies! How’s it going? Well it’s just about to get even better thanks to this amazing round-up of themes and plugins for WordPress that you will just not help playing around with, just as a spoiler, among the themes you’ll find amazing highlighting beauty and fashion ones, and also ones regarding breathtaking tourism, neat and creative editorial and photography, minimal style for business, health and fitness, material multi-purpose, and cute blogging.

10 Best Free WordPress Themes Released in the Summer of 2015

The world of WordPress is this ever-changing space where everyone wants to have the best looking theme, the fastest site, and provide the overall best reading experience to their visitors. But this can only be achieved if the theme you’re using is a modern one. Without that, you’re lost among the mediocre, fighting for scraps of traffic, while other bloggers just overfeed on constant streams of traffic day after day.

Refresh Your WordPress Site’s Look with These New Free Themes

So, are you hungry of new, fresh and trendy WordPress themes? Please no worries, we are here with another roundup of great and useful free themes, all of them carefully selected, all of them totally free and ready to download, please enjoy the pack!

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