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WordPress Google Maps Plugin – Google Maps WD

Google Maps WD is a new and powerful WordPress Google maps plugin enabling you to add Google Maps to your website. It’s extremely feature-rich, easy to setup and configure, is clearly coded and works out of the box. The plugin is absolutely user-friendly. Its clean and straightforward design enables both advanced Google Map users and novice map explorers easily create and integrate maps to their websites.

50 Computer WordPress Themes To Keep Abreast Of Modern Technologies

This compilation of 50 computer WordPress themes will fit perfectly to any computer company, including such branches as hosting company, computer repair, Internet provider company, software engineering, game development, information security, and others. I hope you’ll find this compilation a useful tool in your search of a WordPress template that is the best suited for your needs.

Best Directory Themes for WordPress

If your goal is to build a business directory, classified website, shop directory, or service listing site, chances are you’ll find something very appealing in the list below.
Here are some of great directory themes that we’ve come across on the web. Not only can these themes help you build that perfect directory website, but could also be used to develop sites for personal ads, travel guides, real estate listings and more.

Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In this post we take a look at how Google Maps works and examine the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. Everything from a simple map for one location to maps showing user’s search results!

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