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20+ Alternatives for Your Fresh Looking Website

Hey there, dear readers! We got our hands dirty once again, looking for the best and only the best free resources released over the last few weeks by the nice people of the Internet. Our search was not in vain and now we have a whole bunch of stuff to give away.

A Handy Guide on Using Masonry to Add Grid Layouts in Your WordPress Site

When it comes to setting up a site for creatives or a blog page, users across the world utilize the WordPress platform to accomplish such an objective. WordPress has now evolved and become a full-fledged CMS, and it also touted to be the best option for putting up a blog.

Creating Grid Layouts with Essential Grid

Ever since Pinterest entered the scene, it seems every website is never complete unless it has a grid of something in it. It could be a grid of photos, posts, ads, social share buttons… frogs, anvils. Just put a grid on it! All kidding aside, grids are a really modern and intuitive way to present a lot of content to your users so they can get to various destinations of your site easily. Add something like masonry.js or isotope.js and now you’ve got a filterable and sortable grid to boot.

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