Delve into HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) in WordPress, focusing on coding and customizing HTML elements within your website. Learn about HTML tags, attributes, and how to implement custom HTML code for advanced design and functionality.

How to Choose a Template for Your Site on WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today. It is easy to configure and use it for creating any website, but it was originally positioned as a platform for creating blogs. WordPress attracted a lot of people to blogging by the exuberance of the themes. But few beginners understand that not all templates are equally good, and to be honest, many of them are very dangerous.

Convert a Website from HTML to WordPress in Simple Steps

Does replacing current website with WordPress means losing all the energy, time and money spent on it? Nope! You started your website on a platform that was popular in early days. But now that you’ve realized after using it for a while that it is no longer do what you need it. It’s high time you should move your website to the next level i.e. WordPress. Smart choice!

How to Optimize Your WordPress Website’s Performance

A slow website can have a negative impact on how people perceive your business. It’s a proven fact that slow loading times lead to high visitor abandonment – if your website takes more than four seconds to lead, nearly 25% of people will leave.

Converting HTML to WordPress Like Moving from Classics to Modernity

If you look through the history of website management tradition, you’ll definitely find something consonant with classics and modernity. More than a decade, the vast majority of content management systems have been breaking the new ground of transparent and multifunctional website creation. It was like a transition from static HTML website to the contemporary CMS software.

Give a Fresh Look to Your Site With This Bunch of New Alternatives

Here we have a healthy amount of hand-picked design and development resources, all selected for your delight. You’re going to find PSD files for designers, icons, infographics and much more. For developers, you’ll encounter jQuery plugins, CSS tools and other resources. No matter what your focus is, they’re all meant to provide a hand when in the process of creating the next masterpiece.

Introducing GatherContent Import: Pull Content Straight into WordPress

At GatherContent, we’ve built an online tool that helps web designers and agencies plan, structure, and collaborate on content with their clients. But, even though we had solved the problem of managing content, it is still a time-consuming and messy task to import content into WordPress.

Getting Started With HTML 5 and WordPress

HTML 5 is now more like the present than the future, and WordPress theme developers should stand up and take notice. Why not try and implement HTML 5 in your next WordPress project. We bring you all the resources you will need to get started immediately with HTML and WordPress.