7 Inspiring Themes for a Riveting Responsive WP Site

WordPress has garnered a formidable fan following with its outstanding performance and robust features. It has a lightweight framework and offers a great solution for creating a remarkable website in a cost-effective manner. It allows one to choose a suitable plugin to integrate a requisite functionality and enhance the features and usability of his site.

Invaluable Experience: Top 20 HTML5 Templates for Free

Many believe that nothing in this world comes for free. And, probably, this is true as every action takes either time or money. However, when spending them, you get valuable experience that you can later use in life. Being a wise spender is a skill to be learned. If you want to be truly effective, you need to constantly prioritize and thoroughly plan the way you spend your time. It may take ages to master these skills, and still, you’ll feel like being a lazybones from time to time, which is quite natural.

Getting Started With HTML 5 and WordPress

HTML 5 is now more like the present than the future, and WordPress theme developers should stand up and take notice. Why not try and implement HTML 5 in your next WordPress project. We bring you all the resources you will need to get started immediately with HTML and WordPress.

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