Image Optimization

Explore image optimization techniques in WordPress, focusing on reducing image file sizes without compromising quality. Learn about image optimization plugins,

A Step Beyond WebP with Converter for Media

If you want to get your images as small as possible and make your site load blazingly fast, you need to adopt AVIF. You can start right now with a WordPress plugin called Converter for Media.

How to Rename Images in WordPress

How to Rename Images in WordPress (Simple Tutorial)

Are you wondering how to rename images and media files in WordPress? Changing your image file names is great for SEO, so here’s a tutorial on how you can do just that with one simple tool.

Quicq Review - WordPress Image Optimization Tool

Quicq Review: Real-Time WordPress Image Optimization

Quicq is an all-in-one solution for WordPress image optimization. It can resize, compress, and convert images, all while serving them up from its Google Cloud-powered CDN. It also offers real-time image manipulation that you can use to adjust your images.

SmartFrame Review: WordPress Image Protection and Presentation

In this SmartFrame review, we’re going to look at a solution that offers a much more comprehensive approach to WordPress image security that can stop both human and bot image theft.

Plus, SmartFrame can also do a lot more than just image security, if you want it to. It can also enhance your images with share buttons and zoom functionality, help you monetize your images with ads or email opt-ins, speed up your image load times, and even change how you handle images on social media or in Google image search.

KeyCDN Image Processing: Optimize and Manipulate Images On-the-Fly

In this post, I’ll be taking a look at a service that helps you do just that – KeyCDN’s new image processing functionality.

If you’re not familiar, KeyCDN helps you speed up your site by delivering your content from a network of servers all around the world (more on this second). With the new image processing feature, KeyCDN can also help you dynamically optimize and manipulate the images you serve via KeyCDN on-the-fly.

Optimole Review: Full-Service WordPress Image Optimization

In this Optimole review, I’m going to give you a look at a new’ish tool that’s focused on handling pretty much every part of the image optimization process for your WordPress site.

While part of that is automatically resizing and compressing your images, Optimole also dynamically serves the right image size based on a user’s browser/viewport, serves images via its own CDN, and adds lazy loading.

5 Image Optimization Tips to Improve Load Time of Your WordPress Site

Nowadays, marketers have one goal in their mind – Optimize for Speed! The reason is obvious, mobile traffic has surpassed than that of desktop and Google has started to count the loading time of a website as one of the ranking factors. This means you can directly improve your site’s SEO by improving your website speed.

Owing to the fact that billions of websites run on WordPress, it makes sense to improve the load time of your WordPress site in order to improve ROI and raise conversions. I will share the top 5 image optimization tips for boosting the speed of your site.