Explore image management and optimization in WordPress, covering strategies for uploading, editing, and displaying images effectively. Learn about plugins and techniques for image compression, lazy loading, and responsive design. This tag is ideal for WordPress users looking to enhance the visual appeal and performance of their websites by optimizing their use of images.

How to Rename Images in WordPress

How to Rename Images in WordPress (Simple Tutorial)

Are you wondering how to rename images and media files in WordPress? Changing your image file names is great for SEO, so here’s a tutorial on how you can do just that with one simple tool.

How to Create
 an Interactive Image Map 
in WordPress

How to Create an Interactive Image Map in WordPress

A WordPress image map is the best way to showcase your beautiful pictures and add loads of details effectively, without spoiling the effect. You get maximum information compressed in the smallest amount of internet real estate – but done beautifully. Here’s a look at how to create yours in a few minutes.

Interactive Image and Mapping Plugins

3 Best Interactive Image & Mapping Plugins for WordPress

Interactive images area great way to help take your website to the next level. They can be used in a variety of ways – many of which you might not have even thought of! Whether you’re looking to enhance your images to display additional information about your products, floor plans, buildings, maps, and pretty much any image application you can think of – interactive images are definitely something you should consider.

SmartFrame Review: WordPress Image Protection and Presentation

In this SmartFrame review, we’re going to look at a solution that offers a much more comprehensive approach to WordPress image security that can stop both human and bot image theft.

Plus, SmartFrame can also do a lot more than just image security, if you want it to. It can also enhance your images with share buttons and zoom functionality, help you monetize your images with ads or email opt-ins, speed up your image load times, and even change how you handle images on social media or in Google image search.

Where to Find Stock Icons for Your Blog Post Featured Images

A popular trend nowadays is to have a nice banner at the top of every post published on a blog. This helps set the tone and create an emotional response with the reader. In previous years it was more common to use photography for these banners or featured images, and it is indeed still a very good idea to use photography. However in more design or tech oriented blogs icons are all the rage at the moment. Here are the best stock icon sites I use on a regular basis.

Optimize Images and Improve Website Performance: ImageRecycle Review

It is no secret that website speed matters a lot when it comes to improving the performance of your website. Google has openly stated on numerous occasions that faster page load times equal better user experience and as such, websites that load fast have a better chance of getting a higher search engine rank.

Free & Paid (Legal) Images for Your Blog

The issue of copyright and images has been a long-standing one ever since you could just search for any image you want on a search engine and copy it into your blog post.