Preparing Strings for Localization in Themes and Plugins

Many plugin and theme developers fail to properly prepare their plugins and themes for localization.

I suspect that rather than an unwillingness on their part to do this important task, it’s instead a case of getting confused about what’s needed.

So let me give you some examples to show how easy it is to prepare strings for localization.

qTranslate Broken with 3.5? How to Painlessly Switch to WPML

Unfortunately the free qTranslate multilingual plugin has been playing up with version 3.5 of WordPress. If you have a multilingual site based on this plugin, you’re probably scratching your head or praying that an update will be released soon.

Want my recommendation? Move to WPML, the best multilingual plugin for WordPress, guaranteed.

Codestyling Localization

Ever needed to localize your plugins, themes etc and were left wondering which software you needed to use? Not to worry anymore, because CodeStyling Localization is a plugin that will save the day when it comes to localization.

Writing Multilingual WordPress Plugins

When you create a WordPress plugin for general distribution, it is always good practice to make it multilingual. Basically you need to make sure that it is easily translatable. You will be surprised at how many users will chip in to help you produce the language files for your plugin, if you have got a good user base of course.

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