Lead Generation

Delve into lead generation strategies in WordPress, focusing on techniques and tools for capturing and nurturing leads effectively. Learn about lead generation plugins, opt-in forms, email marketing integration, and conversion optimization. This tag is ideal for businesses and marketers looking to build a robust lead generation system on their WordPress site to grow their customer base and increase conversions.

Funnelforms Review: Multi-Step WordPress Forms for Conversions

Funnelforms is a conversion-focused WordPress form builder that helps you create multi-step forms for lead generation. It offers a unique approach with strong conditional logic features to help you build optimized funnels. Learn more in our full Funnelforms review.

IAKPress Review

IAKPress Review: Build WordPress Forms, Quizzes, Galleries and More

IAKPress is a brand new WordPress plugin that helps you build forms, quizzes, galleries, and more. It can also help you create and manage custom post types and taxonomies, which lets you unlock WordPress’ power as a full content management system.

lead capture plugins

7 Best Lead Capture Plugins for WordPress

Did you know that around 70% of your website visitors drop off on the same page? Wouldn’t it be great if some of those visitors turned into customers, or loyal subscribers? These plugins might help you do just that.

InTrigger Plugin: The Smart Conversion Booster

InTrigger is the smart conversion / lead generation booster. The plugin allows you to deploy contextualized and smart scenarios at the heart of your content, with a full control on marketing pressure. Definitely a breathe of fresh air in the lead generation landscape.

ConvertPlug: An Ultimate Email Opt-in Builder

ConvertPlug is a technically smart and visually attractive WordPress plugin. Its user-friendliness and affordability make it one of the best lead generation tools for WordPress websites. Users can develop beautiful elements like modal pop-ups, info bars, opt-in widgets and slide-ins that entice visitors to subscribe and gradually help to increase conversion.

PopUps: Powerful Lead Generators or a Slippery Slope to Spam?

Since the birth of the internet, popup ads have come in storm. At Christmas time it is the full force of a tornado. They have become everyday interruptions to our browsing and it often feels like the internet would be a much nicer place if they didn’t exist. But should companies continue to make use of them? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of using popup ads to generate leads and build mailing lists.

Icegram: WordPress Plugin to Capture Leads & Call Your Audience to Action

70% visitors leave your website without taking any action. And it only takes 10 seconds for them to decide whether to stay or leave. Popups, notification bars and similar messages try to “salvage” potentially lost visitors. And they’ve been hugely successful – that’s why there are dozens of plugins to show popups, notification bars, side panels and more.

Best Lead Generation Themes for WordPress

WordPress as a content management system supplemented with a good lead-generation theme can be a great tool to generate, organize, engage and manage your leads right on your desk through your website. Using the right WordPress theme therefore becomes an important aspect in designing your lead-generation strategy. We have reviewed some of the best lead-generation themes for WordPress that you might find useful.

Best Landing Page Themes

A Landing Page is used to attract customers, so it certainly plays an important role for any online entrepreneur. Landing Pages, with their catchy headlines, lots of sales copy and possibly videos and testimonials, will help you attract new visitors and make those all-important sales.