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WP Engine Releases User Portal v2

Yesterday our hosting provider WP Engine released a new user portal for all the users on their WordPress managed hosting plans.

The new interface is a huge step in the right direction, and while I was happy with the previous dashboard, the new portal is an even better experience, and reinforces WP Engine’s position as one of the best and most customer focused managed WordPress hosts out there.

Best WordPress Shared Hosting Compared

Finding a good web host is probably the first headache of any person trying to build his own site, along with choosing a domain name.

Shared web hosting is the affordable hosting solution for people looking to start a personal website, blog or small business. By hosting on a shared web server, you are able to cover all your hosting needs while keeping monthly fees as low as possible. This is achieved by hosting your website on a server that is shared with many other website owners.

I’ll make things simpler for you by gathering the best shared hosting providers I’ve used and comparing them in this post.

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