Delve into the use of maps in WordPress, covering plugins and strategies for adding interactive maps, location-based services, and store locators to your website. Learn about customization options, integration with mapping services like Google Maps, and how to create engaging and informative map-based content. This tag is ideal for businesses, travel bloggers, and organizations looking to enhance their WordPress site with interactive maps.

Toolset – Now Everyone is a WordPress Developer

One of the first things new users to WordPress worry about is that it will be too difficult for them to build the exact website they have in mind. Thanks to Toolset, that is no longer a concern. Toolset is the perfect set of tools (pardon the pun) for anyone hoping to build a professional website regardless of whether they are a coding wizard or novice.

Business Directory Design Using a WordPress Plugin

One of the most popular ways of getting a local business noticed is by including it in a business directory website. That is why so many people are designing and building their own dedicated local, national and international business directory sites. There are a great many possibilities when it comes to the chosen template for this type of site but one particular option, which has the flexibility and content management capabilities of any WordPress theme coupled with a WordPress business directory plugin that has been specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of the theme, provides an excellent solution.

Best Directory Themes for WordPress

If your goal is to build a business directory, classified website, shop directory, or service listing site, chances are you’ll find something very appealing in the list below.
Here are some of great directory themes that we’ve come across on the web. Not only can these themes help you build that perfect directory website, but could also be used to develop sites for personal ads, travel guides, real estate listings and more.

Toolset Coupon Code

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Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

In this post we take a look at how Google Maps works and examine the best Google Maps plugins for WordPress. Everything from a simple map for one location to maps showing user’s search results!