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Best WordPress Hosting for Startups

While at Web Summit where literally thousands of startups were exhibiting, I had the chance to talk to many of the people behind these startups and get to know their businesses better.

I was happy to note that the vast majority were using WordPress for their website. I didn’t meet any startups that were using WordPress as the platform for building the product itself, however it was clear that the company’s website was very important to them. Making a good impression through their website could mean getting investment, or for those further ahead it might make or break their sales figures.

Special Offers on Great Hosting from Media Temple

Media Temple have been offering some of the best web hosting service and support you can find for the past sixteen years. They offer hosting plans for anything from an e-commerce site to WordPress blogs, and all of them are backed by award-winning 24/7/365 live support.

However today I’m not writing to describe everything that Media Temple can do for you, but rather to inform you of some great offers they have running until the end of April. It’s not far off at all, so if you’re interested in getting on a better hosting plan you should snatch up these offers while you still can.

Your Simple Guide to Web Hosting

Web hosting refers to where our website is going to be “living”. Just like our families have their own homes to live in, a website’s set of files must have a little space somewhere to call their own.

These spaces are called servers, and there are large warehouses all over the world that are full of them, all waiting to be “rented out” to you, the client. This is done through what we call a hosting company. Its job is to rent you a space on their server, take care of your files, and provide the best service possible to keep your site running smoothly.

There are certain factors to take into consideration when choosing your web host, some more important than others. Below is a list of these factors in no particular order to get you going on your new site.

Cheap WordPress Managed Hosting – Don’t Miss Out on This One!     

A while back Media Temple introduced their WordPress Managed Hosting offering, and I also reviewed their setup here on WP Mayor. I’m very happy with their hosting and still use it.

The big news however is that they are offering their packages at a whopping 50% off till the end of July. So if you’re considering making the upgrade from shared hosting to a WordPress managed hosting provider, waste no time and sign up for MediaTemple’s offering.

Media Temple WordPress Managed Hosting Reviewed

In case you’ve missed it, Media Temple have recently launched their Premium WordPress Hosting service, which puts them in direct competition with other providers (such as WP Engine and Page.ly) operating in the managed WordPress hosting niche.

Now Media Temple were the cool hosts that everyone wanted to be on just a few years ago, however there was a big shift when managed WordPress hosting providers entered the market, and they kind of lost their foothold in the WordPress market. With this new offering, they are back in the game and eagerly wanting to reclaim their slice of the pie. With their experience and technology they should be well positioned to become one of the leaders in the managed WordPress hosting niche. I’ve put them to the test and here’s what I found.

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